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Mobile phone 24- month-contracts and its conditions

  • 10 December 2015
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Mobile phone 24- month-contracts and its conditions
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If you have decided to have a contract with o2 and you want to get a tariff which suits your usage you can have a look at the store. The services are usually the same but with a different volume. It includes text messages, phone calls and data connections in general. You can check our offers to find a suitable contract for yourself. 


How to sign a contract?

  • You can either call our hotline, use our live chat, check our website and our o2 community or visit our o2 stores for a more personal experience.


Is a device included in our contracts?

  • No. Mobile services and the purchase of a smartphone are two different types of contract. You have the choice to buy a phone by yourself or sign an o2 My Handy purchase contract in addition to your SIM card. Sometimes we offer so called Hardware-Bundle which include a discount on your mobile services but even if you get a total amount - two contracts remain.


What does “minimum contract term” mean?

  • Almost all of our mobile services contain a period of at least 24 months. An early cancellation is not possible except you are leaving the country for good. If you decide to finish the contract after the minimum duration term we will need your cancellation request three months at the latest before termination date. If you miss the date the contract extends automatically for another (1) month.


How to cancel the contract?

  • Click here for further information


Revoking a contract

  • If you signed the contract online, by phone or chat you have the right to revoke the purchase within 2 weeks notice. Remember contracts made in store are excluded from distance selling act.


Sales Channel and the right to withdraw




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