Mobile Number porting confusions.

  • 18 November 2020
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I am taking my old number from another service provider to O2. Cancellation with the previous provider is already processed. And my new sim(ordered online) was delivered by post with a new number. I have activated this new sim card, cancelled the contract with the previous service provider and now I am stuck with new number, while I request for porting long ago. Many times, I called the customer hotline, their response is only in German and don’t even bother wait for my response and cut the call. Someone please help me to port my old number.


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2 Antworten

Hi @Spadyboy


thanks for contacting our English community and welcome as a new customer at o2. :blush:  


As you already activated your new sim-card, you just need to order the porting of your old number to o2. Please use this link: Porting of your old number to o2


I would like to check the status of the porting in your data. Therefore, you have received a private message via @o2_Support. Please reply there to my request. 


Thanks a lot. 


Loving greetings,


Hi @Spadyboy 


thank you for your reply in @o2_Tobias private message. Did you receive the email my colleagues from the porting department sent to you. There is something missing concerning the porting fee. Did you charge the old prepaid card with the complete fee? Because this is the problem we are facing to get the number.


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