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  • 29 September 2022
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Hi! I have an o2 prepaid SIM, and now I want to take my phone number to another provider. They ask me to contact the current provider (=O2).

But I can’t find a way to request MNP in my O2 home page.


I read the following page, but I couldn’t find Vertrag verwalten or o2 Rufnummer zu einem anderen Anbieter mitnehmen tab in my O2 home page



Lösung von o2_Micha 3 October 2022, 15:14

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1 Antwort

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H @Uvu Tomadi , 
thanks for contacting us here in the community. 😊
If you want to cancel the prepaid card as well, you should use the form for cancelation and porting the number.

kindly regards

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