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how can i complete my phone contract if i have left germany?


I moved out of Germany a while ago but my phone contract was still running. Due to lack of funds, the automated payment for two months bounced. I have since then updated my bank balance but the automatic debit has not taken place. I am also unable to login to My O2 and check the pending payments as well. How can I complete the payment and also cancel the contract.

Please help me with this, since I’m unable to reach the hotline.


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Hello @Shdueln,

welcome to our o2 Community 😀

You can cancel your mobile phone contract extraordinarily if you have moved abroad. Please find all the information here:

You are also welcome to use our online cancellation form. You can also upload documents there, e.g. a copy of your deregistration certificate.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards


Thank you. That was helpful. However, I have another issue. I also have a mobile phone contract. Due to lack of funds, the EMI for two months bounced. After that I have again made funds available in my bank account but the EMI has not been deducted. I have not been able to access Mein O2 app since I am abroad now. How do I complete my mobile phone payment. Please let me know.

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Hey @Shdueln,

You can simply transfer the amount. Please use the following bank details. Please enter your customer number as the reason for payment. Does the information help?

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
Bank: HypoVereinsbank AG München
IBAN: DE16 7002 0270 0005 7131 53


I am unable to view my outstanding balance in the O2 app. Is there any other way to view it to complete the payment? Is it possible to provide an invoice to my email id so I can process the payment. 
Thank you!

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Hey @Shdueln,

Please send me a private message to @o2_Support with your former phone number and your former four-digit personal customer code and I'll be happy to look into your case :) 


Hi, By customer code do you mean the PIN code I received with the SIM card?

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Hey @Shdueln,

When you signed the contract, you were assigned a four-digit number (or received one if the contract was concluded in the o2 store). You should find this on your contract documents.  It is a kind of security number. 


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