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Extremly slow Internet speed

  • 25 February 2024
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Since the last few days, my internet speeds are extremely slow. download speeds of 0.6 to 1mbps and upload speeds of 0.5 to 1Mbps. My subscription with O2 is flex Max so normally, so normally one would expect to get some decent speeds. I can understand that there is contention on the bandwidth on the cell towers, possible congestion on the fiber etc. However, one would expect that for your customers subscribing to your highest subscription, there would be some prioritization of traffic. Otherwise, what is the purpose of having such an expensive subscription.

I understand that I will not get the advertised bandwidth, but what I see currently is simply absurd!

I did check O2 live check site and it shows that the network is functioning fine, with no works in progress. I also tested with 4G + 5G and 4G LTE only on my modem, but the results are the same, so one would assume that it is due to congestion on the cell tower or the fiber. The issue is not on my end (No signal issue, No change to my modem, etc.) nor is it a problem with my modem. In the past the speed used to be around 14 - 15 Mbps (download), I did not comment (even though for the price I pay, it should be way higher!!!). The current speed is simply not acceptable.

Is the speed being limited by O2 for some reason (even though all the bills are paid in full and on time)?

What can you do to resolve this issue? Or is O2 indirectly telling me to look for an alternate provider??

Thanks in advance for a quick answer





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Adding some more information: Tested running a traceroute to cnn.com

traceroute to www.cnn.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
 1  *
 2  201.298 ms
 3  *
 4  185.534 ms
 5  *
 6  224.153 ms
 7  *
 8  206.663 ms


I believe all of the above IP’s are within the Telefonica.de network ??

Name:    ae7-0.0001.prrx.09.fra.de.net.telefonica.de

This amount of latency within your own network????

Hello @Harl,

that is a very low data speed for your Unlimited Max tarif.

Could you name your postal code and - for data security reasons - a cross street to your street for us to have a look at our net and cell towers? 

The latency for internet via mobile network are usually higher compered to cable bound internet like DSL or fiber.




Since 2 months my Internet is extremely slow.

Its 2< and iam really tired this is why.

I called to o2 and report a problem but they say there is no problem.

I have my number since 2 years but this Problem is since 2 months.

Hello @elyas10257,

welcome to our o2 community 🙂

That is not so nice that your internet has been slow for such a long time. 

Can you name your postal code and - for data security reasons - a cross street to your street for us to have a look at our net and cell towers? 

Best Regards,


I live in xxxxxxxx

edit o2_Gerrit 16.06.2024 18:50 masked address for data security reasons

Hello @elyas10257,

I have masked your address for data security reasons, let us write you are living next to a parallel street Neckarauer Str in 68163 Mannheim.

I took a look at your address beforehand and our technical department does not report disturbances there.

Do you use a different device or have changed something? As at your address there is a good connection via LTE also inddors, but 5G ist indoors not really fast.

I suggest to check your settings, maybe this could be the reasons for slow speed.

Best Regards,


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