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Blocking Third-Party Providers

  • 26 January 2016
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Blocking Third-Party Providers
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If you want to block third-party providers go here.

Facing problems to do it online please get in touch with our customer service

You can choose between six different modes to block chargable content.




Subscription services

Barring of all third-party and O2 subscription services, e.g. subscriptions for ringtones, pictures, videos.

This option blocks all subscription services regardless of the category. 


Information and entertainment services

Barring the usage of all services that are categorized as community, press, books, games, quizzes, mobile content, video, audio, news and information

Voting via premium rate services (e.g. tele-voting) are not blocked by this option.


Electronic ticketing services

Barring of all services that are categorized as e-ticketing and couponing, e.g. ÖPVN, parking tickets.



Barring of content categorized as charity and donations, e.g. Red Nose Day.


Erotic content

Barring of all services that are categorized as erotic content, e.g. video services, chatrooms.


App-stores & software

Barring of chargeable software and apps at e.g. Google Play Store, Apple App-Store, iTunes.


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