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Device return

  • 17 February 2016
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Device return
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Here you will get some information about how to return a device.

You are just looking for the correct link to send your devide back to us?

Router - HomeBox, FritzBox, HomeSpot 4G

Gerneral terms

All the devices we provide are rental devices and therefore have to be sent back to us by mail when the contract has ended or when you get a new rental device. You will get a return slip with the confirmation of your cancellation, so that you won't have to pay the shipping fee.
You can also print a return slip via our partner DHL. Go to Returning DSL-Hardware. You can find a link to the return slip there.

You need your customer number to print the return slip. You can find the number on your o2 bill. You can frank your package with the return slip and hand it in postage free at a branch of the Deutsche Post AG. Please pay attention to also return any delivered accessories.

What happens if i do not return the rental devices?

We will have to recover the time value of the rental devices form you. It will be listed on your o2 bill as «Warenwert technische Geräte». Upon receipt of the devices you will receive a confirmation of the credit. The amount will be payed out or allocated with your last bill.

Do I have to return the devices in its original package?


I forgot to include accessories into the package

In case we discover that something is missing, we will send back the whole package to you with an according letter. You can then return the whole package, including the accessories again.

Mobile devices and tablets

You can return all products that have been purchased online or by phone within the legal terms of revocation. Please register your return via our logistik center for that.

You will need your order or delivery number to log in (you've gotten the order number in the order confirmation).

Please select «Retouren» in the next window:


Following you can enter the reason for the return and you will receive information about the withdrawal period. We will provide the return slip for print here.

We will inform you about the further process (inter alia receipt and processing of the return) via E-Mail or SMS.

You can also contact an O2 shop or our customer services to register the product for return. Naming the delivery number of first delivery or the order number will be necessary.

We can also take of the return in a shop for you if you want.

We will enter a credit with the next possible billing for you if there has already been any charges.

Update: 08/2021

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For me,Return button is disabled now. How I can return my O2 Homespot device as I am planning to leave Germany permanently.



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Link funktioniert nicht 

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Das o2 DSL Rücksendeportal findest du hier.


Hi @Abdulsalam-Yousef 

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Do you need any assistance? If so don’t hesitate to get back to us.

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