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transferring my number to o2

Hi, I just joined o2 family. I activated my new SIM card and of course it has a different number that the one I used to have. I contacted my previous provider Aldi talk, they said they released the number. How can I transfer it to my o2 SIM card now?


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Hello @Mkhomych 

register your new o2 number for meino2 (App) and follow this: 




In the online form you specify *immediately* as the changeover time.

Hello @Mkhomych ,

welcome to the o2 Community 💙.

If you hadn’t ask for your number to be ported before when you ordered the contract, then the way shown by Bollermann should help you with getting your number to your new contract. If you do have any more questions, then please let us know.


Kind regards, Sven

Thank you @Bollermann @o2_Sven 

could you help me find Tariff and Optionen in the app please?


Have you already registered?


I have :)

@Bollermann yes I have :) there’s no tariff and Optionen somehow 

Do you also register with the phone number?

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Hey @Mkhomych,

Have you been able to solve your question with the help of Bollermann and Bumer? Or can I still support you? 


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