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my mobile contract

good evening !  can someone explain to me how it is?  I went to my native country and did all the steps to terminate the contract!  but when I go to the main page it tells me that it is terminated in February 2024?!  so I have to pay until then or I have to pay for 3 months to be closed! 

ps my number is XXXXX

05.05.2022 20:44 Uhr

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Hi @Andrascu Bogdan ,


our cancellation department requested a few more documents, these are:

  1. a de-registration certificate of your present place of residence
  2. a notification of your new, foreign domicile or alternatively a confirmation of your employer or landlord

You’ve sent a confirmation for the 2. requested item, yet it is listed in the letter from our department. I’m not sure if your document was not accepted, so it might be better to sent that also with the rest of the documents.

Please sent the requested documents to this adress, so the cancellation process can continue:

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG


90345 Nürnberg


Best regards,


I sent and please check that ! I sent by fax!  even on the website it tells me about the termination of the number 017XXXXXXXX but I don't know how and when it ends!  I would like more details!  I left Germany and all the necessary documents are sent!  please check !




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I have nothing more to send!  I sent you all the documents by fax (abmeldung/ the letter written by my mother's hand in which it says my current address in Romania) I have nothing more to send you, please check again!  I can't do anything anymore because I'm in my native country!



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Hello @Andrascu Bogdan,

I have just looked at this again and must repeat that you urgently need to resubmit your documents. Otherwise, the termination abroad will not be confirmed.
Please hand in the following documents:

  1. a de-registration certificate of your present place of residence
  2. a notification of your new, foreign domicile or alternatively a confirmation of your employer or landlord

I can see that some other sheet was sent, next to the form for cancelling o2 abroad. However, something seems to have gone wrong with the fax, it's just a dark, black page. Please repeat the sending of the requested documents, otherwise the contract will continue.

Kind regards

@o2_Jessica @o2_Kurt 

please provide an e-mail address because I am no longer in Germany at the moment and it takes up to a month to send you a letter from Romania

or tell you how to send the documents again!  I am sending you the pdf Document

@o2_Jessica  can i attached this document here ?

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Hello @Andrascu Bogdan,

you can use the following link: Click.

This is the new way of submitting the notice. There you have to fill in everything again (personal data, contract data and so on).
At the very end, you can then select (see photo).
Under "Type of termination" (Art der Kündigung) you enter "extraordinary" (außergewöhnlich). Under "Reason for termination" (Kündigungsgrund) you can then select "Relocation abroad" (Umzug Ausland). In the field below you can explain this, e.g. write that you have already moved back to Romania. Then you can upload documents, namely your deregistration from the German registration office (click the button “Dokumente zum Hochladen wählen”). You can then send all this by clicking on the button "Cancel now" (Jetzt kündigen).


Kind regards

@o2_Jessica  Hi Jessica !

After  after I fill in the empty fields, I get the technical problem and don't let me pass that page! tell me, have you received anything?


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Hello @Andrascu Bogdan,

unfortunately, we are very busy at the moment, so answers may take a little time.
Have you been able to send in your notice in the meantime? What is the current status with you? 😊

Kind regards

@o2_Jessica Hi Jessicăi !

I sent all that document on your website https://info.o2online.de/kuendigung/! Please check and let me know ?! 
thx !


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Hello @Andrascu Bogdan,

thank you very much.
I have just checked and we have received all the documents. Currently the status is "forwarded", so I have to ask you for a little patience.

Kind regards
Jessica 😊

@o2_Jessica  Hi Jessica!

Let me know when can i pay for 3 month’s and when can you close the subscription ?

 BTW Leave here an account and a Reference with name or code to pay ! 

Hello @Andrascu Bogdan,

as soon as all nevessary documents are checked and verified you will recieve more information on the amount to pay and where to pay to. You will be informed via email and find the invoice in your Mein o2 area on our online portal :-)



@o2_Jessica @o2_Lars @o2_Kurt 

hi there ! I want to pay the outstanding amount but I don't have any IBAN and a reference code for the number xxx270!  Can you help me ?  what would be the amount?

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Dear @Andrascu Bogdan ,

you will find your ”Kundennummer” on the first page on the right side above.


On that page you will find the amount, too.

Kind regards,


@o2_Andrea i need The IBAN please!

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That is also in the invoice (at the bottom of the page).

Hello @Andrascu Bogdan , 

did you find everything that you needed?

Can we support you further on or is everything managed already?


Best regards, 


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