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Motorola t2288 unlock

Hi, I purchased a vintage Motorola T2288 that was advertised as unlocked. When I tried an Irish SIM card in the phone, it said a special code was required. I asked on the o2 Germany Twitter page about getting the phone unlocked and they referred me to here. I’d appreciate any assistance that can be offered. Thank you in advanced. 


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Hi @Chriscleirl

I welcome you to our English Community. 

Did you get the device from o2? 

If yes, we will need the IMEI-number of the device. For that reason, I will write a private message to you via @o2_Support


Loving greetings,


Hi @Chriscleirl

thanks for your details under @o2_Support

Afer checking your IMEI-number, we could not find any device in our system. 

I regret that I could not help you. 


Loving greetings,


Ciao, ho acquistato un motorola t2288 da un fornitore tedesco. mi ha assicurato che potevo inserire qualunque scheda, che era con imei libero. all’accensione mi chiede uno special code di 8 cifre. mi ha detto di contattare voi. mi potete sbloccare il telefono?

vi posso comunicare imei e tutti i dati che vi servono. Ho regolare fattura di acquisto.

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Dear @Leone75 ,

welcome in our community.

We offer our service in the o2 community either in german or english language.

Kind regards,


Hi, I bought a motorola t2288 from a German supplier. He assured me that I could insert any card, which was with free imei. On the ignition the telephone asks me a special code of 8 numbers. Can you give me the code to unlock the phone?

I can communicate to you the imei and all the data you need. I have a regular purchase invoice. Thanks

Hello @Leone75,

is this a prepaid smartphone that was originally sold by us (o2)? The delock codes are usually 16 digits long so it requires possibly another code. What kind of error message do you get exactly? Do you use it with a SIM card from us?

Best regards


Hello Giulia,

Yes, my telephone Is originally o2 prepaid, (it is a  Motorola t2288 has sold by o2 -branded O2-).

The message says: " digit special code”. And this special code Is composed by eight numerics.

I don't use SIM card of o2. I live in Italy and I would like use card iliad, but the telephone Is blocked and It requires me a special code composed by 8 numerics. Thank you and i hope that you can help me. Bye.


Hello @Leone75,

please send me the IMEI number of your mobile phone on the private message that I just sent you. I wll ask for the delock code then.

Best regards


Hello @Leone75,

I hope everything is working now and you enjoy your Motorola Oldtimer 😊

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards


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