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Buying a new phone with existing contract

  • 19 February 2024
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I currently have a contract from 08.11.2023 till 07.11.2025, 50 GB (“o2 Mobile M Boost Online”). I’m now interested in buying an iPhone 15 in o2. Is it possible to buy is without the contract or “add” to existing contract? So there wouldn’t be 2 contracts in the end. 

Thank you for the help.



Lösung von schluej 19 February 2024, 20:38

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2 Antworten


yes. Toggle the switch „ohne Tarif kaufen*“ to the right site. See red arrow in pic. Than you could buy only a iPhone.

*buy without mobile contract.


Hello @Elizaveta, Schluej was already able to give the correct answer here.💙

Ordering an additional smartphone is also possible without a contract. Have you already been able to try out Schluej's tip?

Best regards


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