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Automatic switch from "O2 Loop" to prepaid deal never happened

  • 22 September 2022
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I bought the 14.99 euro prepaid card (special offer), which said that I would start with the “O2 Loop” account but automatically switch to the 14.99 prepaid tarif once I topped up that amount. However, it’s clear that it never switched, and now with 1.5 weeks left in this 4-week deal it’s asking me to top up my account for more data! (I also can’t make phone calls outside of Germany.) How do I get the account to acknowledge that I got the special data deal?


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2 Antworten

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Hello @brettvs thanks for your first post in our community.
Were you able to solve your request in the meantime? Or do you still need assistance?

kindly regards

Benutzerebene 7

@brettvs unfortunately you´re not answering, so i guess your request is already solved.
It would be nice if you tell our users how do yo were able to do so.
In addition please mark this thread as solved. 😊

kindly regards

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