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o2 Prepaid - tariffs, packs and options

o2 Prepaid - tariffs, packs and options
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The basic tariff o2 m Prepaid 9 Ct. is suitable for users who mainly use the telephony and text messages and who use the internet only occasionally or not at all. The tariff o2 my Prepaid 9 Ct. is the preset basic tariff of o2 Prepaid until another tariff option is activated. There are several options to choose: o2 my Prepaid Basic, o2 my Prepaid S, o2 my Prepaid M and o2 my Prepaid L. At the same time several options for data packs are available, which are:

  • Data Pack S (400 MB) for 2,99 € / 4 weeks
  • Data Pack M (1,5 GB) for 5,99 € / 4 weeks
  • Data Pack L (4 GB) for 9,99 € / 4 weeks
  • Data Pack XL (13 GB) for 19,99 € / 4 weeks

The change to another tariff or the booking of another data pack can be done online in your personal Mein o2 area.

A complete overview of all o2 my Prepaid flex tariffs you find here: Click.


Basic charge and minimum sales


General information

To use the o2 free ticket (Freikarte) you do not have to have a minimum sale. If you purchase an order online it is free of charge. Only as soon as you have activated another tariff, costs will be purchased. For an annuall tariff a shipping fee of 4,99 EUR as well as an annuall usage fee will be due.


o2 Prepaid 9 Ct.

No basic charge will be due.


o2 my Prepaid S, o2 my Prepaid M and o2 My Prepaid L

For those tariffs a monthly usage fee depending on which tariff you use will be due:

  • o2 my Prepaid S: 9,99 EUR
  • o2 my Prepaid M: 14,99 EUR
  • o2 my Prepaid L: 19,99 EUR

The basic charge will be deposited after the first charging, afterwards in a 4 week cycle from your o2 free ticket (Freikarte) credit account. If the credit is not enough for depositing the monthly basic price the regular costs of 9 Ct. per text message and minute of conversation will be charged. While using the internet the daily flat for 0,99 EUR per day will be activated automatically (up to 30 MB/ settlement day with a maximum speed of 225 Mbit/s, afterwards 32 Kbit/s). As soon as the credit got recharged your monthly basic price will be reactivated again.


O2 my Prepaid Internet-to-Go and o2 my Prepaid Smartphone Jahrespaket

The tariff o2 my Prepaid Internet-to-Go contains an annual usage fee of 49,99 EUR. The tariff o2 my Prepaid Smartphone Jahrespaket (annual package) contains an annual usage fee of 69,99 EUR. Those costs occur once in 365 days and the annual tariffs do not require a cancellation.



Usage costs telephony and text messages


O2 Prepaid 9 Ct.

The tariff o2 Prepaid 9 Ct. costs 0,09 EUR per minute and text message in all national networks.


O2 my Prepaid S, o2 my Prepaid M und o2 my Prepaid L

All those tariffs contain an Allnet Flatrate to all German mobile networks and landline (for minutes and text messages domestically. Except connections to special numbers and diversion).


International tariffs

An overview for o2 free tickets (Freikarte) you can find here (provided in German language only): Click here.



Usage costs: Internet usage


O2 Prepaid 9 Ct.

A daily flat for 0,99 EUR per day is the preset of the tariff. While using the internet this package will be activated automatically. With this users can surf online with 30 MB per day with a maximum speed of 225 Mbit/s. Afterwards the speed will be reduced to 32 Kbit/s.


O2 my Prepaid S, o2 my Prepaid M und o2 my Prepaid L

All tariffs have a maximum speed of 225 Mbit/s:

  • O2 my Prepaid S: contains 3,5 GB
  • O2 my Prepaid M: contains 6,5 GB
  • O2 my Prepaid L: contains 12,5 GB

After data consumption the speed will be reduced to 32 Kbit/s.



Tariff change and number portability


Tariff change

You can change your tariff online at Mein o2: Daten und Verträge, via o2 App, via text message, speed dial or voice menue. Each possibility will be explained here in detail.


Online via Mein o2 Portal

You can make a tariff change online via Mein o2 > Tarif & Packs > Tarifwechsel.


Via App Mein o2

You can download the app for free at Google Play Store, App Store and also at Windows Store. Choose the category Tarif & Optionen and follow the steps.


Via text message

Send a text message containing Tarif Loop to 5667.

Keep in mind: All optional packs which are not compatible with the new tariff options will be lost.


Via speed dial

Enter *107# + call button and follow the steps. From an older tariff you can only change to the o2 Prepaid 9 Ct. tariff. As soon as your tariff is o2 my Prepaid 9 Ct. you can only choose between o2 my Prepaid S, M or L.


Via o2 Prepaid voice menue

Enter the number 5667 and press for a tariff change the number 3. You can also dial the tariff manager straight with the number 56673.


Number portability

You can

Further information you can also find here (provided in German language only): https://hilfe.o2online.de/



Further information to frequently asked prepaid questions you may find here:



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Thank you very much @ukguy! :smile:

Thank you very much @ukguy! :smile:

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I informed @o2_Jessica. She will give you an answer as soon as possible. 


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Hi @ukguy


I informed @o2_Jessica. She will give you an answer as soon as possible. 


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Hi @o2_Jessica 

This is an older post, but just found it with the community search. Hope you will forgive me for posting a comment to an older post.

I find it confusing that the O2 Prepaid Basic is based on the O2 Loop in the respect that O2 Loop has 0,99 cent / day for surfing. The O2. Prepaid Basic adds a “Pack” of 150 MB data, but nowhere the word “FLAT” is mentioned. So it is not clearly stated that after using the 150 MB, there will be no 0,99 cent per day automatically booked.


I think it would be very usefull to make this more clear in the conditions.


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Hello @Mi Hai,

thank you for your message under our article!
So the point is that the 0.99 ct. per day pack is not automatically booked afterwards? The fact that the word Flat is not mentioned there is mainly due to the fact that you still have to pay 9 cents per minute/SMS for calls and SMS in o2 my prepaid basic. The flat rate, i.e. making calls and sending text messages to all networks at no extra cost, is only available from o2 my prepaid S onwards.

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