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Number portability from O2 to other network

  • 13 February 2020
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I would like to transfer my current mobile number from o2 prepaid to another network for my new contract. Can you please release my number 0176******48 for porting immediately? I have already kept 25 euros in my prepaid balance for the transfer fee. 

Thanks in advance.


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1 Antwort

Hi @Pranav,

welcome to the o2 community, sad to see you go!

The porting order necessary for the transfer of your number to another company is now cleared, and since you wrote that your phone is charged with the 24,95 EUR for the porting fee already, you can now contact your new provider and ask them to import your o2 phone number (to your new contract).

Please make sure that all your customer data at your new provider exactly matches your current data at o2 (even if there has been some updated data like a new address in the meantime) to ensure the transfer will work.

Hope to welcome you back as a customer some day!

Best regards,

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