my galaxy watch 3 LTE can't search for network

  • 19 November 2020
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I have an Galaxy watch 3 LTE. I have made every steps from O2 instruction to activate an Esim for my watch. 

and successfully added the mobile plan in my wearable app … 

and the molbile plan “WIllkommen-***” is also enabled on my watch.

but my watch still has to connect bluetooth to the phone in order to receive phone calls, messages or notifications…

In standalone mode, my watch keeps failing for searching network operations, and shows NO SERVICE.

i don’t know what is problem here. 

and also, during activating the Esim, i think i had deactivated my Sim  1 in my sim package, and i’m now using the 2nd one

please check my case and tell me what to do now.

thanks so much 


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Lösung von ChanChani 28 November 2020, 19:03

No, thanks. I have waited a week for the answer and found out myself.

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4 Antworten

Hello, can somebody help?? 

Hi @ChanChani 


welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

There were some problems activating an eSIM card on several devices. Our technical department is still working on to solve this matter as soon as possible. 

Were you able to find a solution until this?


No, thanks. I have waited a week for the answer and found out myself.

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Dear @ChanChani ,


thank you very much for your feedback. Please excuse that it is taking longer at the moment until we can answer.
Feel free to contact us again if we can support you.


Kind regards,


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