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can I get the old number again


before 1 month through app I’ve ordered new number. Everything went ok, I’ve got it and pay for it. But for some private reasons I would like to get back to my old number. Is this possible?


Tnx in advance


Lösung von o2_Jessica 9 August 2022, 11:35

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Hello @Seven_of_nine,

thank you for your contribution to our o2 community! 😊

Did you swap your number or port your number?
Unfortunately, it is only possible to change the number at very short notice. But we could try! I can't promise that it will work. But I would be happy to ask the relevant department.
As I said, write us briefly whether you have had a number exchange (changed your number internally) or whether you have had your number ported (number ported from one contract to another).
Is it generally the phone number with which you are also registered here in the forum? Just write whether yes or no, please do not write the phone number here publicly as an answer. If it is a different one, I will switch to private messages.

Kind regards

Hi Jessi,

I have contract with o2, it’s with the same condition just with another number, I didn’t change anything else except number internally.


Tnx for quick response :)

But it’s ok, I solved the problem. 
tnx anyway for your help

@o2_Jessica es gibt einen weiteren Beitrag zum Thema


Es würde mich überraschen, wenn der Rückwechsel nach einem Monat doch noch möglich ist...

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Hello @Seven_of_nine,

okay, how did you solve it?
Is it all good now?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Kind regards
Jessi 😊

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Danke @Sächsin, da hast du wohl Recht!

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