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I fail to get billing reduction (compensation) due to absence of the product. Need Help

Good afternoon,

I have the problem of getting compensation for the product (Home DSL) which, unfortunately, was not delivered to me.

I have an active contract for Home internet via DSL cable since the 6th of November. However, somewhere on the street DSL cable is damaged or something, in fact, nobody really knows. I have created the ticket for a technical issue. Technicians came twice (it was identified that the problem was not inside my house or around it). The DSL cable has no connection. The last visit was after one month from when my contract started. From that point, I did not get any updates about my ticket status or what other actions would be taken. The fact the 

I cannot wait longer than 2 and a half months without the internet, especially, when I am paying for nothing as well. I called support more than one time to ask how I could receive the compensation because I did not receive the services for which I was paying and had to be delivered from the day when the contract started. They told me to use the form online in which I have to measure the internet speed with bereitbandmessung.de (which is, obviously, not possible without having an internet connection) and use it to ask for a reduction. I submitted that form without the attachment for measurement data.

Later, I received the physical letter that there was a failure due to lacking a file with measurement data. I called to support once again. The person from support told me: “Try somehow fake the measurement data by taking the screenshot with 0 speed.. try show that there is no signal, and so on”. Actually, it is not even possible to open the app without the internet… However, I made a picture with 0 speed and then submitted it again. Now I got the second letter that I needed to submit measurement results from bereitbandmessung.de.

I want to ask for help, how should I properly submit or ask for reduction/compensation for the product I did not get and currently am not getting, but paying?

Best Regards



Lösung von Joe Doe 20 January 2024, 09:33

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@Edgar9 Complete wrong answer from the hotline. If a customer have a complete failure from his line, he should use this form. Use the form after your line is working again. An technical is needed. But this you have.


Okay, thank you! I will try this new form.

Hello @Edgar9 

Welcome to the o2 Community 🙂

That is unfortunate, that your Home internet connection suffers such a long failure.

Yes, Joe Doe is correct, when the failure is complete, you can use the form “entschaedigung” to apply for a compensation, as then the timeframe of the failure is definitive.

Please, do keep us updated here.

I hope the repair will happen soon 🙂



Good evening,

the technical problem was finally resolved with the last technician visit early this week. The DSL connection finally appeared in my wall socket. 

I already filled out the compensation form and apparently, it was accepted. 😊

Even though the DSL cable is now repaired, I have already been using the wireless 5G home internet from O2 for a month now. I am happy with this choice and most likely I will continue with it further.

Thank you for your help and support!

Kind regards,


Hello @Edgar9,

Good to read that your DSL cable is now repaired and that you also have an alternative with our wireless 5G Homespot 🙂



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