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Hello there.

Firstly this has been the most complicated way ever for a non German speaking client to send a question ever. Why was the email removed it was perfect for people who dont speak german.


Also i have been trying to close my internet contract for months now. I hage put the ticket number I received via email as the title of this discussion so please find the details there. All i had left to do was send the deregistration form from the Nuremberg stadt via email to you to close the contract. How do I do this now? I am no longer in Germany so I want this contract closed immediately because even when I moved house and wasnt using it for almost 1 year I have been forced to pay and now I am fed up.


Please give me some assistance as I want nothing elso to do with this contract anymore and want it closed. Tell me where to send this deregistration form and I will do it immediately.


Thank you

Alessandro Trufelli

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address is:

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG,
90345 Nürnberg


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Hello there firstly thanks for the reply. However i am no longer in Germany which is why ive been trying to send the deregistration by email.

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Mail generally functions worldwide. Where there is Internet, there is certainly a mailbox. Apart from that, it is advisable to settle the necessary matters before leaving the country.

If the post offices are working then yes I would have sent it from there. Also I left the country earlier than necessary because of the coronavirus situation which did not allow me to stay any longer. In addition after 1 year of trying to close the contract i was met with excuse after excuse even though i had valid reasons to close it. I am trying now with my fax machine but the number is always occupied. Why the email address was removed I dont know for it is the easiest way to send documents and for non native language speakers like myself to get assistance.

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