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o2 prepaid expired

Hello, I bought o2 prepaid max card and 28 days passed. My question is do I get charged extra money for using it after this period of time, if I don’t buy credit for next 28 days? Because it works after 28 days passed and I don’t know if I will get charged extra. I had about 400Gb left when it ended. Also I won’t be in Germany from September so I would like to know how do I cancel my sim?


Thanks for answering me 

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Lösung von schluej 31 July 2022, 08:58

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If you choos auto renew while the registration Prozess with a bank account then yes.

That’s a function of an automatic Rennes to get charged automatically. If you choose voucher than not.

Use the Mein O2 app to stop auto renew.

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Hey @Peter121212 ,
welcome to the Community 💙
Your o2 prepaid max tariff will be automatically extended, if you 
don’t cancle it and/or if you choose an automatically charge of your mobile phone credit
via direct debit or credit receipt.
As shluej ‎already mentioned you can check the Mein o2 App and cancel the o2 my Prepaid Max  tariff immidiatly or
if you’ve already paid, to the end of the term.
Best Regards, Matea

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