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Extraordinary cancellation because of moving abroad

  • 8 January 2018
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Extraordinary cancellation because of moving abroad
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If you live in Germany (confirmed with a register confirmation) and you plan to leave the country for good it is possible to cancel your mobile contract with o2 by following the steps below.

Where do I have to send the cancellation letter to?

If you plan to move abroad, please send an extraordinary cancellation to the following addresses:

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG,
90345 Nürnberg

Cancellation information


Do I need to use a special cancellation form?

For mobile contracts you need to fill in the cancellation form for moving abroad and send it back with all the necessary documents listed therein.


Which documents are needed to prove that you are leaving Germany for good?

Please provide the following documents:

  • a deregistration certificate of your present place of residence in Germany
  • a notification of your new foreign domicile or (if not available in the country you are moving to) alternatively a confirmation of your employer or landlord


Are there any extra costs for the cancellation?

If your contract period is 24 months with an automatic extension of another (1) month if not cancelled in time: We also need your approval for us to charge the all-inclusive basic fee for 1 month, oriented at the usual cancellation period of 1 month. The exact amount of the fee will be notified in a separate letter.

If your contract has a monthly cancellation period we will cancel without extra costs.

So keep in mind: three documents are needed!

The deregistration certificate is mandatory as well as one of the two options: notificatio of new foreign domicile or confirmation of employer/ landlord.

Also: approval to charge the all-inclusive basic fee for 1 month (this is not a separate document, you just need to confirm that).


How to pay the final invoice if my bank account is already closed?

Usually the final invoice is released retroactively. It contains the proportional basic charge until the termination date and the remaining fee if you signed a 24 month contract. Connections outside the flatrate such as calling helplines or abroad are also charged.

You can transfer the final invoice by using our bank details below:

Account owner: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
Reference : your personal customer number
IBAN: DE16700202700005713153



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5 Antworten

Hi O2_Jessica,

I am moving back to the UK in two weeks and I would like to cancel my phone contract.

I understand that I have to fill in the form but I will not be able to provide "the a notification of your new, foreign domicile or alternatively a confirmation of your employer or landlord" because I am moving back to my native country to study. Is there any other proof I can provide as an alternative?
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You should send in confrmation from your college or university that you are returning to full-time education in the UK. That should be sufficient.
Hi bs0

Would a letter of registration to my uni work for this?
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As long as it shows that you are studying there after you leave Germany that should be fine as well. o2 just needs to see proof that you are actually living / working / studying in another country. If the specific document you send in is not sufficient then I am sure they will let you know 😉
Great thank you!

Another quick question:

I will close my bank account before the cancellation is processed (as I have to wait for 5th September for the letter from my uni) and before my bill for the end of this month is due - will they send me an invoice for all outstanding charges? e.g. this month's bill and the 3 month fee for cancellation.