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Discounts and offers

Discounts and offers
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"When do I get which discount at o2 and how long is it valid? And which discounts and offers can I combine with each other at o2?" We would like to answer these and other questions by presenting our discounts and offers for private customers in detail.


Combi benefit

As the name suggests, our combi-benefit is a discount that you can receive for at least two postpaid contracts, for example, mobile together with Internet & fixed network. The decisive factor for a combined benefit is that the main rate is eligible for a combined benefit. Then you can save up to 25 EUR per month as long as the main rate is active. It is not possible to combine two Internet and fixed-network contracts.
You can easily calculate the amount of the combined benefit and which rates can be combined with each other using our combined benefit calculator.

The best-known combination benefit is our partner card. This allows you to add up to 4 additional mobile plans for your friends and family to your existing mobile plan and save 50% on the base fee for each additional contract.
Again, as long as the main plan is active, the 50% discount applies to the partner cards.

Tip: We are currently running our o2 Family & Friends promotion, where your loved ones can save 50% on a new contract. If you have further questions about the promotion, please contact us directly!

Note: The Combi benefit cannot be combined with the hardware discount, Young People benefit and the 60 Plus discount. In the event of a rate change, a check will be made to determine whether the Combi benefit can be carried over.


Offers for customers aged 60+

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, we also offer a permanent discount for everyone over the age of 60. With the 60 Plus discount, you save EUR 10 per month on your mobile rate. With our o2 my Home Internet & fixed-network rates, it's EUR 10 in the first year and EUR 5 per month thereafter. For the o2 my Home Flex rates, the monthly discount is EUR 5.
We already have an article on this topic for you, so feel free to take a look → The new senior rates at o2

Note: A plan with a 60 Plus discount cannot receive an additional discount, such as the combi benefit or the hardware discount.


Young people's benefit

Besides our Combi benefit and the 60 Plus benefit, there is also our Young People benefit. Here you can benefit from a discount of up to EUR 10 per month if you are between 18 and 28 years old.
To qualify for the Young People's benefit, your date of birth is checked when you sign the contract. As soon as you are no longer eligible for the benefit, the discount automatically lapses.

You can find more information about the Young People's benefit here → The Young People's benefit at o2

Note: The Young People's benefit cannot be combined with the hardware discount or the Combi benefit. When you purchase another mobile plan, you can choose either the Combi benefit or the Young People's benefit.


Hardware discount

You would like to combine a mobile phone tariff with a term and an o2 my Handy contract? Then you have the possibility to get both in a bundle in the course of a new contract or a contract extension and save with the hardware discount.

The monthly rate of the o2 my Handy contract and thus the total price of the smartphone does not change. Instead, you get a discount on the monthly base fee of the mobile rate. For contract extensions, corresponding offers are created individually, for example in your My o2 portal.
The hardware discount expires automatically after 24 months when the o2 my Handy contract expires and reaches its NiX day.

Tip: With our o2 You offer, you can put together your mobile hardware bundle individually. Feel free to take a look → o2 You - Dein So-wie-du-willst-offer (your “as you like”-offer).

Note: The hardware discount can be transferred when changing rates. It cannot be combined with the Combi benefit, Young People benefit and 60 Plus discount.


You just want to extend your mobile plan? Then it's worth taking a look at your My o2 portal, where you can view offers for contract renewals. You can find more current offers for our rates and hardware in our online store.


Did you find all information needed? Or is anything missing for you?

We know that some of the follow-up links are landing on pages which are in German language only. So if you have any further question, or you need help with all those information, just contact us right in the English community! We’ll be happy to help you with your questions! :nerd:

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