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Contract Termination before Delivery

I ordered for Iphone 14 pro max -256 silver dn o2 grow online today. For some reason, I want to buy it upfront later. Now want to cancel this order. Order number: xxx002 and for sim- xxx003.  

And I’ve sent an email to widerruf@cc.o2online.de for termination.

I’ve paid some one time payment about 186 euro. When will I get the refund? 

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Lösung von schluej 1 October 2022, 19:44

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Moin Moin,

that could take about 7 days.

Moin Moin,

that could take about 7 days.

I’ll get my full money back or they will cut delivery charges? 

Normally full money.

Normally full money.

Thank you. Is there any possibility to cut some amount? :( 

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Dear @Debwashis ,

welcome to our community.

Please excuse the fact that it takes a little longer to reply here.

If the cancellation is processed and the contract and/or delivery is cancelled, the deposit paid will be refunded to your account.

Thanks to @schluej for your support.

Kind regards,


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