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Dear all,


I have already sent to letters without any feedback!!! Second one arrived on 30.06!!!!


Now I will need to send another letter?   with signature proof?  


On 2nd of April I had a call with your agent to have one contract for my family, this on 5th of April we didn’t receive any letter and your agent inform to cancel the contract and make a new one, which we did,then we got confirmation on 6 of April about our new contract, then nothing worked and you agent inform to cancel the contract and create another one which I did , and again took a while to get everything sorted out, so we wait around 2-3 weeks to get the numbers working, and finally when we were  thinking everything was fine we got 2 bills with the same number!!!! You guys are charging us twice!!!  you need to cancel the phone you are overcharging us you already overcharged 128,05 euros from April 41,98 eur from 20.04-19.05 and also 41,09 eur from 08.05 -07.06 , also 20.05 - 19.06 44,98 please this time do your job properly and make sure you give me a compensation for your mistakes!!!! Otherwise, I will cancel my other contract!!!


I am waiting for your feedback asap!!!!



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Hello @AZT ,

welcome to the o2 Community 💙.

If I understand you correctly you have several contracts with us and have now been receiving two bills because of this. Are these for mobile contracts or are you buying a phone in installments? In the case of the phone, this is always billed separately from any mobile contracts. It would really help us, if you could maybe explain things a bit more thoroughly.


Kind regards, Sven


Dear Sven ,


no you didn’t understand my issue , my wife had a contract for more than 10 years, so I decided to make a family contract which includes me my wife and my daughter, on this contract she would use the same number she was using in the old contract, your colleagues made sure we didn’t need to do nothing and everything would be sorted out , so o don’t know what your colleagues did but I am paying the new family contract which is correct, and the old contract from my wife which is wrong with the same mobile number in both contracts , meaning you are overcharging me, I called the support and ask them to stop this , they told me that I can do this only via letter which I did send 2 times and more than 2 months no reply , and every month your overcharge me !!! I would expect your colleagues to be more organized as I am having headache because of your colleagues mistakes , please solve this issue ASAP !

Hello @AZT , 

i found your letter! Unfortunately the letter was forwarded in the wrong inbox, so i corrected that.

I am very sorry! You will get an answer from the colleagues as soon as possible.

Can you explain what you exactly mean with “family contract”?

Do you mean the partnercard with 50% discount?

What kind of tariff and what price was agreed?


Best regards, 



Dear Manuela , can you please five your email so I can give my personal details and you fix this issue as soon as possible ? As I said My wife had a contract and what I did is to have one contract with 3 numbers and your colleagues made sure to make a big mess there , I need to get refund of what I have been paid double please give me your email and  I give you the details , hopefully this time I get my issue solved my money back and a compensation for all this trouble your colleagues made 

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This is a forum, you cannot communicate via E-Mail here. You keep demanding a refund but have not actually shown why you should get one.

What do you mean by a family contract? Just because you conclude a new contract does not automatically terminate an existing one, so my guess is your wife's contract has not yet come to an end and she is still being (correctly) charged. You should be able to see this in the invoices where the contract term is shown (should be on the last page).

I can’t provide my personal contact and contract number here !!! U demand a refund because you guys make mistake and do not solve my problem your team asked me to send a letter to cancel the contract despite I’m asking them to do by phone ate you guys really joking with me ? I have already gave all details via letter and waiting months to solve my issue and nothing happens !!!! Please rake action !!! I demand you to solve my problem give me a number so I cal call and solve without any more letters and writing you O2 make a big mess and don’t solve my problem!!!! 

As previously explained My wife had contract, after 10 years we changed the contract so me my wife and my daughter would be in one single contract and the old contract from my wife would be automatically canceled as she would be in the new contract this didn’t happen and we are paying twice one contract which contains me my daughter and my wife and the old one which is only my wife and with the same number you can verify this in the letter I sent to you twice waiting months to get My refund and nothing happens !!!!

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Just to clear up one thing: This is a customer forum. I don't work for o2. Also you certainly can't demand anything here!(!!!)

If you sent a letter to terminate the contract then that is correct, but contracts have fixed terms, so it is important to know when the contract ends. You cannot terminate a contract by phone.

It is not possible for three people to share one contract unless you all have the same number. I think there has been a misunderstanding there. Or do you mean three contracts on the same account?

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Hello @AZT,

It does sound as if something was misunderstood on both sides when the contract was concluded.
I really must ask you to treat the participants in the community with respect. As written, bs0 is not an o2 employee. You are in a customer-help-customer forum, where we o2_employees finally deal with customer concerns.

In order to get an overview, however, you must please write to us factually what exactly you discussed.
What kind of contract did you originally want to conclude?
What conditions were confirmed/transmitted to you? Did you accept them or revoke them in time?
How many contracts are you currently using at what conditions, and what do you think is wrong with them?
Regarding termination, I can only support what has already been said - when terminating a contract, you always have to keep an eye on the term of the contract. If you have cancelled but the remaining term was maybe 6 months, then the contract will still run until the end of the contract term.  It will not end before then.

In order to better understand everything and then see if anything can be corrected by us (for example, were contract conditions confirmed to you in writing, but which were incorrectly implemented in the system?) Otherwise, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.

Kind regards

O2 big joke !!!can you please tell me where I disrespect anyone here ? I called again yesterday  your colleagues from hotline let’s see if they solve my problem !!!! 

The only one who disrespects is O2 that doesn’t solve my problem for months and don’t refund me !!! Don’t try to find excuses for mistakes your team did !!!

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Hello @AZT,

everyone here has tried to help solve the problem.
However, if you prefer to call the hotline, you are of course free to do so.
However, if you would like to discuss something with us again, please feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards

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