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I want to change my tariff from o2 prepaid M 9.99 euro to o2 prepaid L 14.99 euro. My tariff is still going on and I want to change when its has over. When it is over I buy a prepaid and top up? I can speak german a little bit so I can not change my rate in hotline or in store. Could it be possible for me to change the tariff?
Thank you,


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Hi @Alale,

welcome to our community. We can arrange the change but My Prepaid L is 24.99 EUR, not 14.99 EUR. Right now you use the My Prepaid M charged with 14.99 EUR. Is there a misunderstanding?


Hello dear.. good time

excuse me i bought iphone 12 pro 256 g 24 month with o2 sim card with internet contract for 2 years payment in 82 euro in each month start of may and i received by dhl post,but i want to change that with iphone 12 pro 512 48 month and i pay 1 euro for 512 also but not comes…

i bought i watch serie 6 48 month and i pay 19 euro by my bank account but not comes by post yet.

i bought airpod in o2 site but email not comes for pay the deposit..


i have all documents and emails of these sets.


what i do please ??? thank you so much 

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Hello @Magiica, hello dear :wink: welcome at our community.

I'm glad you accepted a great offer.

You can cancel the purchase 14 days after receiving the goods. Please have a look here how you can do it: Widerruf oder Retoure

Which Apple Watch ans AirPods exactly did you order? They may only be available a little later.

Kind regards, Ines.

Hello dear@o2_Ines i use the iphone 256 g gokd and its ok ..

and i have a sim card o2 for 1 month 20 gb net and maybe its low about gb, if i want change tariff to unlimitade in month how cani do that and how much us the price please?


about i watch and airpod pkease gudance me..

i want i watch serie 6 gps+cellular in rosegold or sand pink color, and airpod pro with charge case  without monthly nternet 

i want just i watch and airpod pro in monthly without tariff,, but in site every i did try, i could not buy by my bank account and all i watch and airpod are with net tariff..

please help me about buy of them thank you so much baabyy 🙏😻💋💃


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Hi @Magiica 

You can upgrade your tariff to o2 free Unlimited Max which is 59,99 Euro per month. 

At this point I would like to briefly refer you to the product information sheets that are available on our portal for further informations

If you want us change your mobile  contract please get back to us here. 

Best regards Matze 

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