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my experience as a customer of O2 (10+ years)

  • 11 November 2019
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I just want to say a few words about my experience with O2 as a customer for 2008-2019 November. Although this morning I wanted to prolong my contract, now after one hour or so,  I am very happy to switch to another DSL provider. 

  1. my experience as a loyal customer

Back then I started with Alice -DSL.  After being within the two-year contract,  the contract is prolonged on a yearly base.  A few times O2 has offered a monthly discount of about 5 Euro at the telephone. BUT it lasted for ONLY half a year or so, and they switched back to a normal contract (as old as my 2008 contract but under different names).

The problem here is that it should be made VERY CLEAR to the customers HOW long their offer is valid and WHAT the customers should do or not to keep the negotiated status of the contract. 

In my opinion, O2 is rather stealthy regarding these contracts.. Unfortunately it is a common practice for many companies, O2 is only not an exception.


  1. about the hotline customer service

In general I had very good experiences with the guys working at the hotline, but NOT TODAY.

One lady at the hotline connected me to a guy who was speaking to me in a military tone: his first sentence was  'Sagen Sie die Kennzahl', OHNE BITTE added. I pondered for a second  what it is Kennzahl, then he continued very impatiently, "Sagen Sie die Kennzahl'. I was shocked by the tone, asked him whether he should add a 'bitte' at the end of the sentence. He continued with such a tone without any change. I was furious, and said I would like to talk to another 'Mitarbeiter', he said then I have to hang  off and redial again Very WELL done. 

It is utterly ridiculous...with such a guy working at the hotline, does O2 really care about how customers feel? I have so far lived in quite a few different cultures, I know there are systems also asking customers to evaluate  their experiences with hotline or online services.

So, how will this guy with such a bad performance in a service--oriented profession ( HOTLINE) be evaluated? I mean,  does O2 reward other more competitive colleagues accordingly?


  1. the final offer from O2

After the talking to the above-mentioned nasty guy, i talked to a lady who could offer me a new contract for at least 24 months (Mindestlaufzeit) with the same condition I have now, but about 2.5 Euro less than their online service. 

Well, it is fair enough that they make the offer, as a 10-year customer, i do not feel liking doing it.

So my final decision after this telephoning is to switch to another company, it is the same price as now I pay, but with doubled speeds, and no Mindestlaufzeit (so one can cancel it every month). 

My nolstagia feeling is gone, and good bye, O2-DSL!  After almost 10 years!


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Benutzerebene 7

Hello @Samia_Xiu and welcome in our o2 Community :-)

I am sorry to hear that you had such unpleasent experience with our customer service. Please be assured that customer satisfaction was, is and will always be one of our driving factors to ensure that we deliver a unique user experience that centers around our customers.

I wish you only the best with the new provider, maybe we will have the possibility to prove that we can do better at a later point in time?



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