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How to set up your o2 HomeBox 6641

How to set up your o2 HomeBox 6641

o2 HomeBox 6641


Video Guide

In this video we’re going to explain you how to set up your o2 HomeBox 6641 (german language):
Click for Video :nerd:




Set Up


To set up your o2 HomeBox there is our set up wizard to your availability. You can use it to activate your telephone connection and to enable your internet connection.
Please have your access data ready, which you have received from o2 together with your confirmation of receipt. After wiring your o2 HomeBox with the help of the configuration wizard of the CD, the installation wizard will start automatically.
If the installation wizard does not start, you can start it manually via the user interface of the o2 HomeBox. In order to do so, please enter o2.box or in the address field of your browser. Please click “weiter” and follow the instructions displayed.
The installation of the o2 HomeBox is also explained in detail in our “Benutzerhandbuch”.
Please install our “o2 Service Suit” afterwards for an automatic support with the installation and optimization of your DSL connection.
Our “o2 Service Suit” is a freeware tool, which:

  • helps you to solve problems with your internet connection in a fast and efficient way
  • accompanies you in the background and diagnoses emerging problems with your internet connection in real time. It also repairs a lot of those problems automatically
  • identifies the optimal WIFI channel in case of difficulties with WIFI and supports you with changing the channel respectively
  • supports you with the set up of your o2 e-mail service
  • provides you with instructions for the correct set up and maintenance of your internet connection in a way that is easy to understand




Save Settings


You can save the settings regarding your o2 HomeBox to your computer via the user interface of your o2 HomeBox.
This backup file will help you to restore the original settings in case they are lost due to a defect or reset of your HomeBox.
You can save your settings as follows:

  1. Open the user interface of your o2 HomeBox. Therefore, please enter o2.box or into the address field of your browser.
  2. Please choose from the column in the left “System” and then “Einstellungen sichern” (save settings).
  3. Please click “speichern” (save).



The storage location depends on your operating system and your browser. Enter a file name, e.g. config.bin and save your file.

In order to load the saved configurations, please click “Durchsuchen” (search) in the same menu. A dialog window will appear, from which you choose your file and click “Laden” (load). The configuration has now been loaded on your o2 HomeBox.




Restart, Factory Reset, Restoring to Delivery State


If you cannot get access to the user interface of your o2 Homebox or if you forgot your password, you can restart or reset your o2 Homebox manually by pressing the reset button of your HomeBox.
You will find the reset button on the back of your HomeBox next to the on-/off button. It is labelled with “Reset”.


Please us a small pen or the like to press the reset button.

  • Restart: Press and hold the reset button for about 2 seconds. Your HomeBox will restart. Your settings will be maintained. The Power-LED will blink in red colour briefly and will then change to a green colour. Release the reset button and wait for 2 minutes. Your o2 HomeBox is now ready to be used again.
  • Factory Reset: Press and hold the reset button for about 6 seconds. The delivery state will be restored and all your settings will be lost. Release the reset button. Your o2 HomeBox is ready to be used again as soon as the Power-LED blinks in green colour permanently.

You will find further information on how to install your HomeBox in our “Benutzerhandbuch




Technical Data


In the following overview we provide your with the most important technical details of th o2 HomeBox 6641.


ADSL2+ and VDSL2 | Annex B, U-R2, T-Com 1TR112 |
Wide Area Network (WAN-) Ethernet connection via DSL/ETH-socket



app. 259.96 x 158.42 x 26.80 mm



0,5 kg


Subscriber Interfaces

2 substations to connect analog devices, DECT/CAT-iq 2.0 Basis Station and ISDN connections for telephone


Local Network

4 Gigabit Ethernet-connections (10/100/1000 Base-T MDI/MDIX) for network devices (computer, HD Media Receiver, gaming devices)
Wireless Network (WiFi)
802.11 b/g/n up to 300 Mbit/s
802.11 ac up to 1,3 Gbit/s



PPPoE as described in RFC 2516
Internet Control Message Protocol
IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack


Network-Applications DHCP Server/Client

Network Time Protocol (NTP)
DNS Server/Proxy
Dynamic DNS client
Port Forwarding
USB printer and mass storage


Security Integrated SPI-Firewall

PAP/CHAP Authentication
WLAN: WEP-, WPA- and WPA2-encryption
IP Filter
MAC address filtering


Server and Device Management

Web Server with HTTP Version 1.0 and 1.1
Web-based device management



Operating Voltage: 12V 2,5 A
Maximum Power Consumption: 30W
Average. Power Consumption: 7,4W (without active conversations or connected USB devices)
Reset-Button incl. Multifunction
Button for activation of WIFI base station
Button for DECT/CAT-iq basis
Table device, wall mounting possible
LED-display/sockets are conform to TR-068




Telephony Set Up


In order to ensure incoming accessibility and outgoing presentation of your telephone number is executed correctly with your o2 HomeBox, please perform a re-configuration as follows:
Settings that have to be carried out on your o2 HomeBox:
Via path GUI -> Telefonie -> Konfiguration -> Tab “ISDN-Geräte”


Internal ISDN devices have to be created. In the example displayed, you can assign a MSN to one of your handheld devices to your ISDN device, respectively. For this to work correctly, ISDN devices have to be created in the same number as handheld devices (3). Therefore, please click “ISDN-Gerät hinzufügen” (add ISDN device), respectively. You can choose a name (no spaces allowed) and add the internal number. Afterwards, please save your settings by clicking on “Speichern”.



The settings as shown in the example should be adjusted as follows:



Via path GUI->Telefonie->Rufnummernplan->Tab “Eingehende Anrufe” (incoming calls)



The internal call numbering plan will be created on your o2 HomeBox. You can define which telephone number will be assigned to its respective ISDN device.
Via path -> GUI -> Telefonie -> Rufnummernplan -> Tab “Ausgehende Anrufe” (outgoing calls)
As well as for incoming calls, you can define the call allocation for outgoing calls of your o2 HomeBox.



Configuration of Your ISDN Devices and Telecommunications System

You can connect ISDN devices. In order to use the functionality of your telecommunications system of your o2 HomeBox for your connected ISDN devices, they have to be listed in the user interface and internal telephone numbers have to be assigned respectively. Afterwards, those internal telephone numbers have to be registered with your ISDN telephone. Please read the manual of your telephone manufacturer. If this has been successful, you can use your ISDN telephones to e.g. call internally and use other functions of your telecommunications system of your o2 HomeBox. ISDN telephones will not be listed automatically in the delivery state of your o2 HomeBox.

To register ISDN telephones with your o2 HomeBox 6641, click


  • ISDN Gerät hinzufügen


In the first step please choose a name for your telephone. Then you assign an internal number for your telephone. Save your settings with the “Speichern”-button. Please ignore the error message on the left. In our example, 3 handheld devices are created with names and internal numbers, respectively.

Incoming Calls

Please choose which number shall be used for incoming calls. If you ordered a product with several telephone numbers and want to use them, please enter which number shall be assigned to which telephone (via path GUI -> Telefonie -> Rufnummernplan -> Tab “Eingehende Anrufe”).


Outgoing Calls

Please assign a number to each telephone, which should be used for outgoing calls. Those numbers can be displayed for the recipient of the call. If you ordered a product with several telephone numbers and want to use them, please enter which number shall be displayed with the respective telephone (via path GUI -> Telefonie -> Rufnummernplan -> Tab “Ausgehende Anrufe”).


Configurations on Your ISDN Device
By the so-called “Rufnummer-Mapping” (number mapping) in your o2 HomeBox 6641 the allocations of your ISDN device have to be adjusted. Per usual the telephone numbers are created without area code. Therefore, the internal telephone numbers have to be adjusted accordingly.

Please note that for your terminal device the 2-digit internal number has to be set. If the usual telephone number is used with or without area code, you will not be able to use your device.




Quick start guide

  • quick start guide for the o2 HomeBox 6641 (english) - DOWNLOAD



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If you have further question or any comment about this topic and process you can visit our English o2 community and write a question! 



Latest Update: 01/2021

16 Antworten

Hi O2 Team 

MY activation date was yesterday on 11 of feb 2020

i have my own o2 router but when i tried to configure it , the result is having red Info alarm and it says on the Dsl High life application that my o2 home box is not activated 



Benutzerebene 7
Abzeichen +5

@Askor you can’t have your own o2 router, because o2 rent them and bundles the router with your customer number. If you have the o2 homebox from Ebay Kleinanzeigen and so on you can’t use the router.

Benutzerebene 7
Abzeichen +1

Did you rent the router from o2 with your contract? If not, the device cannot be used. o2 routers are rented exclusively and remain the property of o2. The devices are registered by serial number. Illegally obtained devices cannot be used.

And how they give us the two option to rent a router or bring your own router 

I think this is not correct information please help 

I think I have issues with the configuration 

because the router can be reset to factory settings and enroll with the new line 

Benutzerebene 7
Abzeichen +1

Of course you are allowed to use your own router, which corresponds to the current interface description, e.g. AVM Fritzbox 7530. What you are not allowed to do is use an o2 Homebox that o2 has rented to another customer. The o2 Homebox which is now in your possession is not your own router but still the property of o2.

Return the o2 Homebox back to where you got it.

Try comparing it to a rental car:
Of course you can drive your own car. But what you cannot do is buy a car that a car rental company has rented to another customer.


Hi @blablup 

I was also using the router that my friend gave me for past 1 year but now I started getting problem with that router so now how can I rent a router from o2 with my existing contract.Please help as my german is not good I cannot contact the customer service for this but my existing(which my friend gave) often suddenly gets power off and restart again so I think now the router is defective but I don’t know how to inform o2 customer so that I can rent from them

Benutzerebene 7
Abzeichen +5

@rakshas I strongly recommend to buy a router by yourself. Look for a Fritzbox 7530 Cost about 110 Euro.

Good thing is that you can change the system menu to English.


@Joe Doe So I cannot get from o2 ?? Because I don’t want to again mess up if i purchase by myself

Benutzerebene 7
Abzeichen +5

@rakshas You can. First some questions. What tariff you have? Flex (monthly contract) or 24 months contract?

Did you make a lot Home Office work or VPN?

@Joe Doe I have 24 month contract and yes I do home office work

Benutzerebene 7
Abzeichen +5

@rakshas Home Office→ I strongly recommend not to take an o2 Homebox. Worst Wifi and sometimes problems with VPN.

Look for a Fritzbox 7530 (about 115 Euro) or Fritzbox 7590 (about 190 Euro) Booth are well supported by o2 and have an English system menu. 
(I think this is important for you) You can rent the Fritzbox at o2 too but you must pay onetime fee and the router is never your property.

A Fritzbox you can sell everytime for good price at the free market.

Did you you have access to your mein o2 Customer Account? Here you find you o2 DSL Username and password.


@Joe Doe Ok then I think I should buy then fritzbox 7530 because I have lot of work and every my o2 router switch on and off.Thank you for recommending.

Yes I have access to mein o2 customer account.

For fritzbox 7530 is the installation easy and if suppose later if i want to change my network to other provider than can i use this fritzbox over there as well?


Benutzerebene 7
Abzeichen +5

@rakshas you can use the Fritzbox 7530 with any DSL Provider here In Germany. If you have problems (I don’t think so) to set up the Fritzbox don’t hesitate to write here. Read my tutorial (link above)

The Fritzbox have good information menu about the DSL line quality too.

@Joe Doe thank you so much I just bought it now and it will be delivered by monday so if I have question while installing since my german is not that good so I will definitely ask you.


Benutzerebene 7
Abzeichen +5

@rakshas Did you install today the Fritzbox 7530?

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