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FAILED Cancellation of DSL

  • 21 September 2023
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My DSL details are the following

Kd no.: XXXXX, Rg no.: XXXXX

I have sent you two letters to Nurnberg office to cancel my DSL line.

First reply said that I needed to send additional documents of my derigistration, which I sent immediately next day with a letter. It was received but no reply or confirmation given. I am not living in Germany  anymore I have legal right to cancel it .

I post this because I have sent you multiple emails saying that I have provided all necessary documents to cancel the contract. Please do it.

If you will not confirm that you have processed my documents with cancellation  (which I can  confirm as I have DHL tracking number) I will have to make a case for customer rights violation and talk to my lawyer.

Contact me please if you are from the support team and you can confirm the status.


kind regards



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2 Antworten

Hello @roberrtoo,

welcome to our o2 Community 😊

I'm sorry that the cancellation of your DSL connection was delayed.

Your deregistration certificate has arrived and is available to us. I have contacted the relevant department directly and asked for your request to be processed quickly.

As soon as I have a date for deactivation, I will inform you again.

Best regards


Hello @roberrtoo,

I have good news: your contract will be cancelled by October 12th. From September 10th on the basic monthly fee will no longer be charged.

Do you still have the router? It has to be returned to us after the contract has ended. Otherwise there will be a charge for it.

Best regards


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