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I already have two user accounts at O2 with the same e-mail address, only different usernames. This is probably reason I cannot register/login through link I received in email confirming my DSL order. I am asking for my old account deletion, so I could register again with the same email address and see the status of my order. I am willing to provide any data necessary to confirm ownership of these account in a secure environment.


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dear Dinklage49413,

I can only see one account (DSL) with your emailaddress.
Where do you want to register yourself, for My o2 or for the o2 community?

kind regards,
Hello @Dinklage49413,

can we assist you or did you already solve the concern?

I want to be registered with my o2 (DSL). Can you please fix this so I can see my consumption data and other info?
Hi @Dinklage49413,

as far as I can see it already worked?

Hi Manga,

yes I was able to register with new username. So now I have 2 or 3 accounts I don't need, so please delete them if it's possible. I can give you usernames in pm.

Best regards,

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