Need multi language support

While calling to customer care or any other services to O@. As initially things are automated that ask some question. 

As the nature of that is automated so It would be great if we would have option to choose language (Like English or Deutsch). So that people can follow the instruction properly on that automated version.

Also I don't think it would be hard to manage these. Customer like me try those number and have no idea what is going on. So kind of playing with number and a or neon and after sometime some people will respond 99% time it goes to different department What I was not expecting. So definitely very frustrating with non native speaker. 

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This suggestion has already been made here

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Hi @Rajeev, welcome at our community. :blue_heart:

I appreciate your idea and I understand the struggle. As @Sächsin just said, the idea is already written here

Please vote for it, so we can see how important it is for our customers.

If you have a question, we are very happy to help you at our english community.

Kind regards, Ines.

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