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the credit disappeard



I have just refilled with 15€ to subscribe to the Kombi 6GB tarif but the money disappeared. I received a confirmation on my phone that the credit will be deducted from my bank account but I don’t see it anywhere on my O2 account.

Could you please help me solve this issue? 



Lösung von o2_Maren 12 February 2024, 11:04

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Hello @sallytlmt , 
welcome to our o2 community 😀
When did you receive the confirmation from your bank? 
Kind regard,

Hi Solveig,

I didn’t receive a confirmation from the bank. I received an sms from O2 stating the an amount of 15 euros will be deducted from my bank account within the next 3 days. I received the message on 8.01.2023 at 8:52 am. 
yet I still have no idea where the credit is. 


@o2_Solveig is there any chance I’d receive help please? Thank you! 

Hello @sallytlmt, have you made transfers this way before? You can check under Meino2 and the Mein o2 app whether the amount has been recorded.

Kind regards, Ines.

Hi @o2_Ines , thanks for your reply. I always refill my sim card like this since years no issues. I’m 100% sure that the amount was deducted from my bank account. happy to send a bank confirmation if needed but since I posted this question the amount is not visible anywhere on the app it appears as if I had done nothing and I had to refill again. 15€ gone for nothing and it makes a difference for me, I’m student. Could you please help or should I just consider my money gone? Thank you! ​

@o2_Ines Is there any chance to receive help? 

Hello @sallytlmt ,

I've had a look for you. 
The €15 was received here from 14 January and offset directly against the o2 Prepaid S Pack (€12.99). 

Best regards,

Thank you for your response. However, I repurchased the pack because the previous one, which I bought on Sunday, January 7th, was charged to my account, but I was never able to use it. Since I needed to use my phone, I waited a few days, hoping for assistance, but eventually lost hope and bought the pack again. As you can see, 15 euros were charged twice from my account within a span of 7 days.


Hello @sallytlmt ,

We need a few more details from you so that we can take a closer look at this.
I have now sent you a private message to exchange data. Please check your inbox here. 

Best regards,

Hello @sallytlmt ,

You have not yet replied to the PNs. Have you perhaps not seen my message here?
Or have you already been able to clarify your request?

Best regards,


Hello @sallytlmt ,

as you have not replied here or in the PNs, 
I assume that you have already been able to clarify your request via another contact channel. 
Feel free to contact us again here in the community at any time if you have any questions. 

Best regards,

@o2_Maria please excuse my delayed reply unfortunately I have been sick and I couldn’t check the answers earlier. My request is still open and hasn’t been clarified. I checked my messages and couldn’t reply I assume because the ticket has been closed? 

Hello @sallytlmt ,

Thank you for your feedback.
I have now reopened the PN channel and you can reply there.

Best regards,

Hello @sallytlmt 

Maria asked me to have a look at your prepaid account. 
You topped up €15.00 on 07.01.2024 and the o2 Prepaid S pack was booked for €12.99. Unfortunately, the pack was then deactivated again and the DayfLat was then automatically booked for 99 cents for 5 days. Then you topped up €15.00 again on 14.01.2024 and the Pack o2 Prepaid S was booked again. Today the pack was deactivated on time. 

I have now refunded you the prematurely deactivated Pack and the 6 Dayflat. Please be careful and make sure that no pack is deactivated too early, if it happens again, please contact us.

Have a good start to the week

Best regards, Maren

hi @o2_Maren Thank you all for the help, I appreciate it! 

Have a good day and best wishes

Hello @sallytlmt 😊

nice that I could help you, please mark my answer as a solution. 

Best regards, Maren

oops, you've already done that, thank you. 😄

Dear O2 team, 

I had 33 Euros in my account and also I had my package 19.99 Euros package subscribed. Now on 10th February, when I checked my balance whole 33 euros was gone and no package was subscribed as well. Can you please help in this how it can happen? thanks.

Hello @Hassan Tariq , 
Unfortunately, I can't see where the €8 went either. The reason for this is that your itemized bill is not activated. If you want, I can activate it for you. Would you like me to do that? 
Perhaps the €8 can be explained differently. Did you call special numbers? Or were you outside the EU and made calls or surfed the net there? Or was the mobile data still switched on, it may have only been for a short time. 

As for your pack, just rebook it, your credit is enough.

Best regards, Maren

Hi, I think you don’t understand, my 33 Euros is gone. Those 23 Euros I just topped up yesterday to book my package again. My issue is 33 Euros is gone not 8 euros :(. Please refund it into my account as I did not use it. I did not used my internet out of EU. Even if I used for 1 minutes or 2 minutes then it should not eat up 33 Euros. Please see again. Thanks.

Hello @Hassan Tariq 🙂,

It is sufficient that the mobile data was only active for a short time - one or two minutes is enough.

It's true, €33 was used. It's a shame that we can't see exactly what it was used for because your itemized bill is not active. I would like to activate the itemized bill for you for the future so that you can see what you were charged for. I understand that it's strange now, money is gone without you being able to see what for. This is due to data protection, and the itemized bill can only be created with your consent.

You yourself can look on your cell phone to see what mobile data was used for and how much.
Reimbursement of the costs is not possible here.

Kind regards, Maren

Well that is very strange. Well you can enbale itemized bill for my number if not yet. Thanks.

Good morning @Hassan Tariq 🙂,

Please activate the itemized bill in the My o2 area. This will allow you to see exactly what was charged in the future. Simply go to Mein o2 -> Meine Daten -> Einzelverbindungsnachweis

It is important to me that you are well informed and that no unexpected costs arise. That's why I ask you to make sure that mobile data is switched off outside the EU or that flight mode is active. If you're traveling, it can also be handy if you don't have a lot of credit so that you don't use too much.

You can find the current prices for prepaid abroad here: Prepaid im Ausland

If you have any further questions or need support, I will be happy to help.

Best regards,

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