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Special offer-Young People: Get a discount of 15 EUR on Free M Boost, o2 Free L or Free L Boost

Special offer-Young People: Get a discount of 15 EUR on Free M Boost, o2 Free L or Free L Boost
Back to school or university- summer holiday is over. Time for a new deal to ease your start.
If you sign a new 24 pay monthly contract or extend your current plan to one of the three options mentioned above you will get a discount of 15 instead of 5 EUR EUR each month. The offer applies from August 20th 2019 to January 15th 2020.

Here is the link to our store ☺️

These are the details to the Young People offers:

Most favorite tariff o2 Free M Boost (20 GB included) is charged with 19,99 EUR/month. If you spent more than 20 GB you’d better choose o2 Free L with 30 GB data volume. Basic charge 24,99 EUR per month. Still not enough for you? Take a look at o2 Free L Boost (60 GB to go) 29,99 EUR/monthly.
All offers contain a flatrate for calling and texts to all providers inside Germany and an EU Roaming option. You are allowed to share the data volume with your other personal devices by "Connect-Option". Special numbers excluded as well as MMS and video calls.
The offer is only available for the mentioned plans. It can’t be combined with other discounts like “Kombivorteil” or o2 My Handy discount.

Who is meant by Young People?

All young people aged up to 28 years, students even longer if you have a proof you are still matriculated or in training.
If you are not of age yet your parents (resident in Germany) can sign the contract for you and send a copy of your passport.

How to send a proof of age? What kind of proof is accepted?

If you signed the contract or extended successfully please go online to upload a file of :
- copy of your passport
- copy of your student ID
- copy of indenture
These files are accepted: pdf, doc, docx, png or jpg.

Please remember: we need the proof 21 days at the latest

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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@o2_Manga I want to extend my contract with the offer M boost. Still i will pay the anschlusspreis as well?
This doesn't work. O2 just CAN'T fix the upload button for the proof documents for two years now. I think this is the case for the lawyer. I saw a lot of posts complaining about that. You might be able to sign up for the tariff, but it may happen that you will not be able to use it because going to their office and showing you certificates is not enough. You need to upload it... And upload doesn't work... for 2 years...☹️
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Hey @mkb999,

if you would extend your contract there will be noc costs like the Anschlusspreis. Maybe there are costs when you choose a new tarif. Ifyou like to, we can look for an offer for you?

Hello @AnaM,

i checked you costumer data. Your legtimation was successful.

Best regards,

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Hi @o2_Tatjana ,

I am interested in M Boost 20 Gb. What offer can i get for this.
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Hey @mkb999,

nice to hear. 😊

Give me a feavour and write us a private message to @o2_VVL and you will get a answer with an individual offer.

Have a nice day,


I am staying in germany for only about 10 months as an exchange student then i am moving back to my country and when i asked about the free M boost package at one of O2 stores i was told that it is a 2 year contract minimum.

what will happen if i sign the contract and decide to terminate it before leaving ( I am leaving on 30/6/2020)

will i have to pay any extra cancellation fees ?

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Hi@mohamed.alaaser ,


welcome to the o2 community! :)


What about our o2 flex tariffs? They havn’t a contract period from 24 month. More Information here - o2 Free M Boost Flex Please choose the o2 Free M Boost tariff, than switch on “Neukunde” and “Ohne Laufzeit”.


Best Regards,


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Abzeichen +7

Hallo @o2_Manga  



Dies ist aber nicht mehr aktuell oder? 


Alter: 18-28 Jahre, unabhängig ob Schüler, Azubi, Student....? 

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Vollkommen richtig @Bollermann, danke dir!

Ich werde den Bericht überarbeiten :relieved:

Liebe Grüße

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