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Hello i just want to ask how can i cancel my o2 free m Boost Online? I already avail the o2 free unlimited i just want to cancel my o2 free m boost online


Lösung von o2_Jan 8 November 2019, 15:48

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Hi @Mharcky,

welcome to the o2 community!

Usually, you can cancel any contract you have made online within the first 14 days with a form (“Widerruf”) provided in the confirmation mail of your contract.

However, I have sent you a direct message via our @o2_Support account regarding this matter; by answering it directly, you can send us some information so that we can find your contract in our data system.

Best regards,

I want to cancel the o2 m boost online because i already had new vertrag for o2 unlimited online  i ordered it 27.10.2919 with vertrag nummer XXXXXXXX921


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could you cancel the contract or do you need any support?

Kind regards, Tatjana

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Hey @Mharcky

we don´t get any answer from you. So let us know, if you got any other questions. :blush:

Kind regards, Tatjana

I just need to cancel the o2 boost online because i already avail the o2 unlimited thats thanky you

But i guess some send me a letter state that they the o2 company hat already cancelled the o2 m boost online so im ok with that

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Dear @Mharcky ,


thanks for your response.

We wish you a lot of fun with your new o2 Free unlimited!


Kind regards,


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