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My Bill seems to be incorrect

  • 15 February 2016
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My Bill seems to be incorrect
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My bill seems to be incorrect - what can I do now?

  • You can download your bill online. You will have to log in to your account at Mein O2.
  • Please first check the details of your bill and have a look at the itemized bill to see what costs incurred. You can find your bill right here: Click


The following reasons may explain why the bill ist higher than expected:


Third-party and value-added services.

Ring tones, games, chat services, songs or subscription services habe been billed. To find out more about third-party and value-added Services check the FAQ Third-party providers and value added services for step-by-step instructions on how to adjust the settings on your device. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.



Roaming charges 


Roaming charges.

Please log in to your account on our website and check your tariff and contract details. You can see the active options there. Further information about roaming options can be found here: EU-Roaming Gebühren? Günstig im Ausland telefonieren mit o2


You've been abroad and took a cruise or have been travelling by ferry or plane.

Please note that mobile usage isn't covered by roaming options in these cases. You can find price lists for ferries, ships, satellite-networks and inflight here.


You've been travelling outside the EU and your voicemail has been active.

If you are travelling outside the EU and your voicemail is still active costs may occur, even if you don't make calls yourself. That may happen, when your mobile rings and you are not answering the call. The call will be redirected to your device abroad, since you are not picking up, it will be returned to Germany and then directed to your mailbox. That way charges occur three times:

  1. Within Germany: The caller pays the fee.
  2. From the German border, across the foreign network to your device: You pay this fee.
  3. From your device, across the foreign network back to the German network: You also pay this fee.

The network fee of the foreign provider is payed twice by you, just for a voicemail recording. So far you didn't check the voicemail and you would still to pay for that in addition.

You can choose from two options to avoid double roaming charges:

  1. Deactivate all call diversions to your voicemail before travelling. You can do that by entering #002# (send) or by contacting our customer services.
  2. You activate immediate call forwarding in your device settings. Please note that costs may occur even if you have a flat rate.


Call forwarding to your voicemail within the EU is free of charges.




Missing or incorrect discounts

Possible reasons why the discount is missing or discounts were set up incorrectly:


Your contract has been extended automatically for another 12 months after it’s 24 months minimum contract duration. Discounts are no longer applying.

Discounts are granted for the whole minimum contract duration (24 months). According to our terms & conditions, the contract duration extends automatically for another 12 months if you don't extend it actively for another 24 months. Discounts expire automatically after the minimum contract duration. Please contact us if you wish to extend your contract duration for another 24 months so that we can have a look at possible discounts for your tariff.


You extended your contract but discounts suddenly haven't been taken into your account

You receive a confirmation e-mail and/or written documents that show the contract components and tariff details. Please check in advance, if the desired discounts are mentioned there. If the discounts aren't listed, it might have happened that an error during the activation or a technical error occurred. Please contact us in this case so we may remedy the fault. If you extended your contract in one of our O2 shops please contact this O2 shop directly.


Discounts have been removed after a few weeks and your tariff has been changed to standard conditions

If you have a tariff as a freelancer or as a small business you need to upload a proof of business activity. You can upload this verification online. Your tariff will be changed to standard conditions after a few weeks, due to the missing legitimation and the discounts will be removed. So if you use such a contract just upload your verification soon after concluding the contract. 


It seems like the 100 free minutes aren't accounted for entirely

Please note that most of our tariffs have a pulse rate of 60/60, this means that each commenced minute is charged as a full minute. If you make a call with a call duration of 0:13 one minute is accounted for, at a call duration of 1:17 two minutes are accounted for etc.


Your calls are being accounted for entirely, even though you have a flat rate to this particular mobile network

The networks of mobile providers can't be identified by the prefix anymore, since numbers can be imported to any mobile provider. If a number begins with 0176 and the call is being accounted for, it is possible that the number is with another mobile provider and the call has been accounted for correctly. We recommend one of our o2 Free Tariffs with flat rates to all German mobile providers if this happens frequently and causes higher costs.


Your calls to a landline number are being accounted for, even though your tariff includes a landline flat rate

Calls to landline numbers are being accounted for as a special rate number, if you use a so called Call-through number via a credit card. You can find detailed information about Call-through numbers for example via Wikipedia (Call-through Wikipedia).


You purchased a mobile device and the device should have gotten a discount

The device will be charged normally when purchasing a device via O2 My Handy and the discount will always be granted on the mobile contract (if you purchased one or extended your contract in addition). Please contact us directly in case the discount is missing on your mobile contract or seems to be incorrect.




Missing or incorrect credits or payouts

You are waiting for a payout or the promised credit is not listed in your bill? This can be due to the following reasons:


The promised credit is not listed in your bill.

Please note that credits will only be effective on the next bill, if the credit has been initiated at least 10 days before the due date. This is connected to the SEPA-procedure. In this case the credit will be considered in the bill after the next one. Please contact us in all cases so we can check why the credit hasn't applied.


You have been promised a payout of a remaining credit but so for no payout took place.

Payouts can take a processing time of 4-6 weeks. Please await this period first. Please contact us directly if the payout did not take place after this period of time, so we can check forbooking errors or e.g. incorrect bank details.




Service charges


A service has been charged of which you have not been informed

We inform you about incurring costs when using fee-based services online. We apologize if this happened during a consultation. Please keep in mind, that fee-based services will always be charged. You can find the pricelist for mobile and DSL tariffs online or in our shops.


A service has been charges which should have been free of charge for you

Please contact us directly so we can check the calculation and possibly initiate a refund.




Fee-based packs and tariff options


An additional package or tariff option has been charged

You will receive a confirmation E-Mail or sms after booking an additional package or tariff option. Please check for potential costs and cancel the package if necessary.




Follow-up bill after termination of the contract


You have cancelled your contract and received another bill after the cancellation took place

Basic fees will be charged partially until the contract has been terminated. You will receive a final bill after the cancellation took place. The fee for transferring a number to another provider will be charged after your contract with us has ended.




Outstanding amounts from previous bills


You have payed all outstanding amounts from previous bills but the amount is still listed as an outstanding amount

Your payment has most likely crossed with the creation and mail-order of the new bill, meaning the amount is already settled but is still being listed. We will only deduct the remaining difference from your bank account.


I already payed all outstanding amounts but they are still being deducted from my bank account

Please check if you mentioned the correct customer account in the reference of your payment if you payed all due bills already. If not, the payment can't be assigned correctly and the booking system will consider the invoice item as unsettled. Please contact us immediately in this case, so we can transfer your payment to the correct account.


There are open bills even though the direct debit mandate has been given

Please check if you gave us the SEPA-mandate for all of your contracts. Only then we can deduct the bill from your bank account steadily. 

Please note: newer DSL contracts, mobile devices etc. are being deducted separately. We need SEPA-mandates for each of those.




Additional contracts


You have received a bill that is not regarding your «main contract»

You receive a confirmation E-Mail or sms with all contractual contents and conditions when you purchase a mobile, dsl or O2 My Handy contract. Please check the confirmation for correctness. Please contact us directly if something is not in accordance to your expectations, so we can make possible changes. 

Please note: if you purchased your contract in one of our O2 shops contact this O2 shop directly.


You received a bill that you can't assign to any of your contracts

Please contact us directly so we can check which contracts are in your name.




Connection costs for connections that haven't been made


Connections have been charged that you did not use

Each SIM has a unique number, which makes it possible to assign all occurred connections to exactly one SIM. The assigned connection are being changed according to your tariff options and shown throughout our certified billing system. That's why it is nearly impossible that connections are being charged that didn't take place. Therefore please check if third persons may have had access to your device or if installed apps are working in the background that have access to the telephone service. Please contact us directly in case you still doubt your bill.


Data usage has been charged, even though you didn't use the internet knowingly

Data usage can be caused by several reasons. The most frequent are:

  • Installed apps that use data in the background (e.g. weather data, updates etc.)
  • WiFi disconnects - the device switches to mobile data usage automatically
  • Receiving pictures/videos via WhatsApp or automatic video start in Facebook

Possible queries regarding data usage can be directed to our O2 Gurus.




New contract - first bill after a few days


You concluded a contract a few days ago and already receive a bill

You will receive the first bill a few days after purchasing a contract. We've divided the invoice period flexibly since we can't deduct accounts for millions of customers at the same time of a calendar month. For example this would be from the 25th of a month to the 24th of the following month. If your contract has been activated e.g. on a 21st, we will charge the basic fee partially from 21st to the 24th in your first bill. After the billing will take place within the billing cycle 25th to 24th of the month.

The first bill may contain activation fees. This is a common reason for a seemingly high and incorrect bill.

Please contact our customer support if you wish to change the billing cycle. 




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