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English hotline customer service: ask for English support in the very first message

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Liebe alles,

here is an idea to increase accessibility of O2 service.

At the end of the very first registered voice, another voice in English asks whether the customer needs an English assistance.

Currently, there is no possibility for a non-German speaker to get an English speaking support.


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This suggestion has already been made here


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I couldn’t “do my homeworks” to search that title so I apologise for opening a new thread.

My suggestion is slightly different and the efforts of implementation are lower than a dedicated number but

thanks @Sächsin to point the discussion out.

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My suggestion is slightly different and the efforts of implementation are lower than a dedicated number 

Not really, because the biggest cost / effort is having staff available to deal with such enquiries. Providing a separate telephone number is unlikely to be more difficult to implement that reprogramming the IVR. Having said that, your suggestion removes the need to publish a new number and update information on websites, etc., so there could be a small saving.

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@anoneng every new thread for a hotline in English language for English speaking o2 customers is good thread. In my eyes. 😉

Sorry that my title name from my suggestion was in German. 

edited: little error removed

Hallo @anoneng,


thank you very much for your idea. :bulb:


We are currently looking for ideas and suggestions to make Mein o2 even better. 

The idea has already been submitted by @Joe Doe, thats why we will close your suggestion.


@Sächsin thank you for linking the existing idea and the feedback contained there.

@Joe Doe that's exactly why we have introduced voting for the ideas :wink:


If you think of anything else to improve Mein o2, please let us know.


LG Martina :slight_smile:


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