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Withdrawl balance

  • 17 February 2024
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I have finished my contract and use of O2 sim card a few months ago. I still have some money I have loaded into my account in the remaining balance. 

How can I transfer it to my bank account please?

Is there a way to contact O2 by email? 

Thank you in advance.

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3 Antworten

Hi @Asking, welcome at our community. Nice to have you here.

You are welcome to have your balance paid out. Here I have the right form for you: Auszahlung Restguthaben

If you have any question your are very welcome. 😊

Kind regards, ines.

Hi Ines,

Thank you for your answer.

Where should I send this form? is there an email or a link I can upload it to?

I am not living in Germany, so sending this form by international mail will cost way more than reasonable.

Thank you, 


Hello @Asking,

You can upload it via our form for contacting us. There you can choose Kategorie Rechnung & Zahlung - Thema: Prepaid Guthaben - Anliegen Auszahlung Guthaben. Then you can download and sign the form and upload it to us again 🙂



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