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hello goodevening,,last january 28,2020 i ordered from you a cellphone.I was expecting it to arrive the next day but only to found out that it was misdirected and until now i dont received it yet..can i cancel that order and make a new order?i dont know where that cellphone is right now. I already called and messaged the DHL but they said ,if i dont receive it the next days they will make a investigation. i find it kommisch because i dont wanna waste my time doing that investigation and keep on waiting..please do answer me if i could cancel that order and make a new one..thank you


Lösung von bielo 5 February 2020, 07:24

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please answer my question.and could you please cancel that for me, and hope when i order again it will surely arrive this time,because that is for me stressful ,waiting not knowing whether my order will arrive or not..and i dont want to waste my money....hope when i cancel that one and make another order it will not double my payment monthly


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Hi @lemory ,


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The colleagues had create a ticket after your request from the 10th February an will try to help you now.  As soon as the processing is finished, you will get a feedback.


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