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Please I need to delete my mobile o2 contract. I can’t find my abmeldung so can you please tell me what should I do?

I don’t live in Germany since 2018, I have my registration in Italy, a copy of my bills, my job contrtact in Italy, but you still want the abmeldung which is very complicated for me to get.

I have been a custome since january 16, now it’s time to close this.

Waiting for you kind help


Lösung von o2_Tobias 1 February 2020, 09:37

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@AlbertStafi I understand correct, that you loose the German „Abmeldebescheinigung“? You can try with with you Registration from Italy.

But wait some days than an o2 Moderator can confirm this. Here a link for some paperwork’s you need.



Hi Joe,

Thanks a lot for you response.

Yes I did simply lose that paper but I left Germany 2 years ago and it’s really difficult to cancel this contract.

I tried with registration in Italy + letter of empoyer + bills in my residence in Italy but still the Customer service guy told it’s mandatory to send the Abmeldebescheinigung but even the page at the link it says alternatively a letter of the employer. I think this is ridiculous and even illegal, specially for a customer who paid the whole 2 years contract plus 1 year and now wants to close the contract to avoid spending 40 euros per month without using the service.

It’s already one year this is going on, I am tired frustrated and disappointed.


I think this is ridiculous and even illegal, 

No, it is neither ridiculous nor illegal.

You want to terminate the contract extraordinarily, so o2 is entitled to claiming proofs.  

o2 is not responsible for your losing the “Abmeldebescheinigung”. :wink:

By the way: If you terminate regularly (to the regular end of the contract) you don’t need to send any proofs. Perhaps you should choose this way.


but still the Customer service guy told it’s mandatory to send the Abmeldebescheinigung but even the page at the link it says alternatively a letter of the employer.

No, this is wrong. The alternative (confirmation of your employer or landlord)  refers to the notification of the new foreign domicile and not to the “Abmeldebescheinigung”. :wink:

Hi again,


Perfect now I got my Abmeldebescheinigung, can someone can tell me where the heck is the page to cancel this damn contract?

This page/form/whatever it is it’s copmpletly hidden or it doesn’t exist at all in Mein o2, and this believe me, is illegali in EU.


Thanks in advance 

and this believe me, is illegali in EU.

Again, your statement is not correct. 

Send the cancellation and the documents by letter or FAX. An extraordinary cancellation is not possible online.

Read resp. take this: 


Yes sure, as the fax number which is constantly busy :laughing:

Omikron Look, I don’t like to talk and write here, it’s something I simply don’t do. This forum is plenty of people from abroad complaining about O2 taking advantage of their situation. I paid all my bills, now I want to process my request to pay the 3 months fee (!!) and close this service with such an unethical company.

I will try to send the fax all day long from several place, I will send copies via mail, I will do everything. But  again it’s ridicoulus that a company that I overpaid to have the Internet service doesn’t allow Intenet service.

Actually they open the account via internet… but they can not close… 

Hi @AlbertStafi,


thanks for your support to end your contracts because of moving abroad.


I have good news for you.


Both contracts will end on 4th February 2020.


I hope you are happy with this solution.


Loving greetings,


Hi @AlbertStafi,


nice that I could help you with the cancellation of your contracts.


If you have any questions, just feel free to contact us here in our English community.


Loving greetings,


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