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cancelling contract within 14 days


Hello O2 team ,

I hope you’re doing well! 

I today signed a contract of a new SIM card with O2 without me understanding what I was doing .

The situation is the fellowing : I own an O2 SIM card that I bought three weeks ago with a phone plan and I wanted to transfer my old phone number to my new purchased one.

What happened is that the O2 costumer service guy made me sign new contact for another O2 SIM card without explaining it to me although I have explained that I already own a SIM card .

I want to immediate cancel the new contract and get back my refund ( 40 euros ) as soon as possible as the law allow me to withdraw the contract within 14 days.


I wanted to switch my old number to my new O2 one but I ended up having two separate SIM cards and SIM plan that I will never use .

So I clearly announce that I want to cancel the contract as soon as possible without any charges against me.

Thank you for your understanding and I’m looking forward for a fast reply please .
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You signed the contract in a shop? In that case you do not have a right to cancel within 14 days. Or did you not mean sign and it was actually on the phone? Then you can cancel by sending an email to o2: widerruf@cc.o2online.de.

Hey ,

thank you for ur answer. I think I have been misleaded by the O2 worker in the shop in Munich. Basically my situation is the fellowing : 

I bought a SIM card with a phone plan from O2 and I wanted to keep my old number . The O2 guy told me that I have to call my previous number provider and let them know that I wanted the number to be released . As my old SIM card provider took longer to do so, I went again to O2 shop to let them know that the number is free. The o2 guy told me that I have to buy another SIM card for the transfer but he didn’t mention at all that this new SIM card will be billed monthly for two years ,if he mentioned that , I would have never agreed and I will be ok with keeping a new number. 
I now ended up with two SIM card monthly billed and I don’t need to keep both . As it was a miscommunication from the guy , I have signed the contract without knowing that I will be stuck with another contract and my budget will not allow that .

i understand that the cancellation of the contract within 14 days is just available for the online purchase but what will I do if I was mislead ? I need a solution and a way to definitely cancel the contact as soon as possible .

in Germany, we have the right to cancel any contract within 14 days so i have the right to do so . 
you should consider finding a solution for my case otherwise some other measure could be applied sadly becasuse as I said I don’t have the monthly budget to support two SIM card payment with mobile … 

A contract sign in a shop, has not 14day cancel time!

You only have a 14day cancel time for online, Phone or home door contracts.

You have to go to the shop and ask for cancellation.

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You are misinformed about the 14 day statutory cancellation right. This only applies to distance selling, i.e. online, by phone or on the doorstep. Your only option is to speak to the shop and hope they will agree to voluntarily cancel the contract.

Nobody here can comment on the conversation you had in the shop. If you feel you were misled then the best thing to do would be to send a complaint about the shop to o2 outlining your position. If the 24 months is written in the contract you signed it will be difficult to prove you were misled though.

Hey @ChaimaElb,

that does sounds like an unpleasant situation. Thanks to schluej and bs0 who have already tried to help you.😊

What is your current situation? Have you already gone to the store and tried to solve the problem there?

Kind regards


Hey @o2_Lea ,

I already went there couple of times to the shop but they were passively convincing me to keep it because they cannot cancel it and they said : the system doesn't allow them to cancel which I believe is not entirely correct!

One of their brilliant  suggested solution is to give the SIM card to someone which I will never do because it’s under my name and I will be responsible if something wrong happens! 

I also got in touch with O2 assistance on the phone and they confirmed that it’s my right to cancel the contract and advised me to write a letter to telefonica and tell them the situation.

I did that but I’m really scared if I don’t get  any feedback and the 14 days are already passing then I will be stuck with two SIM cards which is not really fair to me sadly.

FYI: the number transfer didn't even happen with the new SIM card which make me even more disappointing ! 

Sorry Lea if I sound angry or rude in my message but I’m just running out of time/solution and will have to pay for something that I will never use for two years and my right of cancelling it is just simply  vanishing !!! 


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No, it is not your right to cancel as you have been informed here several times. The 14 days are irrelevant because you signed the contract in a shop. All you can do if the shop is not prepared to cancel the unwanted contract is submit a complaint to o2 outlining your situation. It appears this is what you were advised to do when you called customer service.

@ChaimaElb it is totally fine, i understand that you are worried. I'll write you a private message via our o2 support account because I need a few more details from you. Please check your inbox.

@ChaimaElb I understand that your situation is unpleasant. I can't promise you how this will turn out, but I have passed this matter on internally and my colleagues will take a closer look at it. 😊

Thank you for reaching out to the community. 💙

Thank you @o2_Lea for the great effort to solve the issue 😍

Hey @o2_Lea ,

any updates regarding my situation 😁?

Hey @o2_Lea ,

since our last chat , you mentioned that you took my case internally for discussion and me on the meantime , I reached to other O2 store and they confirmed that no reclamation was done to cancel the contact and they also said that the Hauptbahnhof store is always having a lot of complain and misled but nothing was done regarding that .

for my current situation , any updates ? Because I will have to pay already in 5 days and I don’t want to so im thinking to escalate it with a lawyer but I want to see if there is any updates before I move to the next step .

thank you.

Hey @ChaimaElb,

I can well understand that you would like to have an answer as soon as possible. We have taken all the necessary steps to resolve this as quickly as possible. Your case is still being clarified, so I ask for your patience until we have been able to clarify the case definitively. 🙏

Kind regards 



Hey @o2_Lea

thank you very much for the great support. I’m indefinitely grateful.


Hello @ChaimaElb,

i have a few updates for you. 😊 Fortunately, I was just able to clarify the situation and your additional contract is deactivated. But beware, you will receive a letter saying the opposite, that the contract will continue. However, the letter is no longer valid, remeber that. Your additional contract will be terminated on the 04.03. All costs incurred since then will be reimbursed to you. Please contact me again when you have received the invoice and I can refund the costs. Thank you for your patience.💙

Kind regards 


Hey @o2_Lea ,

thank you for the great news and thank you very much for the support . I highly appreciate that!

aaaj ok as soon as I receive any invoices, I will send it to you . I also payed 40 euros cash to the seller but I’m not sure if I have an invoice for it because he said that I should pay cash. Will that be refunded? I will check if I find a prove of it in the contract but I’m not sure about that .

Hey @o2_Lea ,

I have received the invoice . Can you open a private message between us so that I can forward it to you ?

thank you 

Hey @ChaimaElb,

ill write to you right away with the o2 support account. Check in your inbox


Hello @o2_Lea ,

Thank you very much for the support.Everything worked out.The contact got cancelled and I got my refund.

That was very helpful! Thank you :) 

Hey @ChaimaElb,

thanks for the feedback. I was very happy to help you and am glad that everything turned out well.💙

Feel free to contact the community at any time if you have any questions. Also, feel free to mark a solution here in the Thread. 

I wish you the best 


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