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I am a student in Hamburg, Germany.

As I am new in this country, I would like to know if it is possible to order a long-pay cellphone with someone’s bank account and after a month that my own bank account has been fixed I change the bank account detail so that you can access to my own account for the rest of monthly payments.


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Hi @mahiii ,
welcome to the community and to Germany.
I hope you have a great time in Hamburg. 😍

You can sign a contract with a third party's bank account and change it to your own at any time.

Sorry if I ask, but what's wrong with signing a contract with your data? 

If you want to change the bank details, we have a form for this, unfortunately in German. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards


Thank you very much, Dear Michael 


Well, I applied for an online bank and it seems that they have too many applicants and it takes a long time to open an account. 

Since I wanted to benefit from the Black week offer, I asked my friend to order it from her account and then I manage the rest of the contributions. 


Kind regards 


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Hello @mahiii 


When your friend signs the contract with Phone it's not possible to switch the Phone (myHandy pay) on your name. 



She bought a phone without a contract, I mean just a phone and no Tarif. 

In this case, is there any problem that I use a phone which is not on my name? 

and there is no possibility to change the account? 

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Hello @mahiii 


You can switch the phone to your bank but not to your name and data..  is any problem with the phone, ...your friend is the customer for o2.. it's not your's. 

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Dear @mahiii ,

it is as @Bollermann mentioned. You are free to use the smartphone bought by your friend, but the data of my handy contracs (name of the contract holder an address) can not be changed, so your friend will be the owner, same if you change the bank account to yours.

Kind regards,


Dear Bollermann and Andrea

Thank you both for your replys.

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Dear @mahiii ,

you are welcome.

Kind regards,


dear @Bollermann  after almost one month still there is no news about my “Geschenk”.


How can I know about the procedure for my order?



thank you in advance for your reply.

Hi @mahiii,


thank you for your new post. 🙂 What gift are you waiting for and which Smartphone have your friend bought for you?


Best regards, Marco

Hi. the gift would be a google pixel buds pro. the smartphone was a google pixel 7.

Hi @mahiii,


in the meanwhile I got the information, that there is a delay in the delivery of the Buds. When your friend got a confirmation on our Extra Portal, then he will get the Buds as soon as possible.


Best regards, Marco

Dear Marco,

Thanks for your reply.


I don't get what you mean by "your Extra Portal". 

How can she access to this portal?


It's been two months after I got the smartphone.


Looking forward to hearing from you

LG Mahsa


Hello @mahiii,


thanks for your inquiry. After buying the Google Pixel 7 Pro it was necessary to go on our Hardware Extra Portal to order the gift. The last day to order was the 13th of December. This and other information you can see in the terms and conditions. I hope that you’ve order the gift there in time, 🍀 then it will be sent to you to you at the end of this month.


Best regards, Marco

Hi @mahiii,


has the gift arrived you in the meantime? 🍀 A few days ago it started that the missing buds were sent. 🙂


Best regards, Marco

Yess, finally!😄

Thank you for following up❤️🙏

Hi @mahiii,


has the gift arrived you in the meantime? 🍀 A few days ago it started that the missing buds were sent. 🙂


Best regards, Marco


perfect! Thank you @mahiii for the confirmation. 😊 I am glad that they have now arrived with you. 

Please contact us again when you have a new issue. We are here for you. 💙


Kind regards, Marco

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