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Router could not be delivered


I recently signed a contract for internet for my apartment and the router was sent the next day to the address where the internet is going to be installed but unfortunately I was not there to receive the package so the delivery was not possible.

Is it possible to send the router again but to another address in the same city?
The call center person said that the router can only be sent after the activation date but in status page of the contract it says that I need to install the hardware (router) before the activation date.


Please help
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If the recipient is not present when the DHL parcel is delivered, the parcel will either be delivered to a neighbour or it will be delivered to the nearest parcel shop/packing station. The recipient then has 7 working days to collect the parcel from there. If the recipient does not want the parcel and therefore does not collect it, the parcel will be returned to the sender. It is then no longer possible for DHL to redeliver the parcel. 

@blablup I thought the same but according to the information in the tracking id it says that it will be sent back to the recipient and it isn't delivered to the nearest shop/packing station.

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Parcels are returned directly to the sender if the recipient cannot be located by the parcel carrier at the address. For example, because the address given by the customer is incorrect or incomplete or the customer's name was not on the doorbell and letterbox at the time of delivery. 

The doorbell does not have my name yet, I didn’t knew that it would be delivered the exact next day from when I signed up for the contract but can it now be delivered to another address which I am currently registered to and has my name on the bell?

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That is not possible. If the recipient cannot be located, the parcel will be returned to the sender and therefore cannot be delivered again by DHL. 

So what would be the solution in this case?

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What you have already been told on the hotline. 

Okay, but would it cause any issue if the router is not present on the activation date?

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Hey @dawoodvaleed 
you've already got a few answers here :) Can we help you any further or does everything fit so far?

Best regards,

Hi Flo,
If I can get the router before the activation then that would be great, because I work from home and internet is very crucial to me.
I will move into my apartment this weekend so if the delivery can be scheduled for this Saturday then I would be really grateful.

Hello @dawoodvaleed 

A router we can only send again after activation. 

Did you already order a new delivery of the router?



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