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Payment reminder

  • 23 December 2015
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Payment reminder
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I received a reminder for payment – What am I supposed to do?

Please check first which invoice is referred to the reminder and check whether you already made the payment.

If we did not received your SEPA mandate so far the payment might be rejected or a returned direct debit of your payment occurred. In order to avoid further inconveniences please transfer the amount stated in your reminder.

You can also pay the outstanding amount cash in one of our o2 shops (shopfinder). In this case take the reminder with you . If you want to transfer the outstanding amount please use the bank details stated in your reminder.

Remember we don’t send payment reminders if you have an o2 My Handy contract.

If the letter was send by a collection agency please get in touch with the contact person mentioned  for further information.



I already made my payment via bank transfer – Why do I still receive a reminder?

The bank process is five days notice. Maybe your payment and our reminder just overlapped.

However, please make sure that you transferred your payment to our bank account with the correct details and also stated your customer number correctly in the purpose for payment. If you notice any mistakes, get in touch with our customer service.


Bank details for customers 

Recipient: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
Bank: HypoVereinsbank AG München

IBAN: DE16 7002 0270 0005 7131 53


Reference: your customer number


Please note that during the process of reminding you about your outstanding payment the usage of your customer portal will be partially restricted. E.g. it won’t be possible changing your tariff,options or ordering new products. You won’t be able to inform us about a planned relocation online as well.



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