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Internet speeds has suddenly dropped

Hi everyone! And happy new year!
I’m encountering an issue the past couple days, the speeds have dropped sifgnificantly. I’m supposed to have 1000 MBit/s download and 50 MBit/s upload, but now I’m only getting 50 MBit/s download and 0.22 MBit/s upload. Is there an issue on the network? I’ve already tried the troubleshoot steps on my end but it didn’t solve the problem.
Any help would be appreciated.



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If you have a Fritzbox, please post screenshots of the per channel information for both up- and downstream channels, make sure to include both the DOCSI 3.0 and 3.1 channel information.

@pufferueberlauf0 Thanks for the answer, here are the screenshots


@pufferueberlauf0 One screenshot missing, receive direction


This looks pretty bad, especially in the Upstream direction (these should all be 64QAM for DOCSIS 3.0 and 4096QAM for DOCSIS 3.1, in downstream the bunch of 64QAM looks bad as well)… I guess you need to make a “Stoerungsmeldung” via phone: 089 78 79 79 40 0

However today is a local bank holiday, so there will likely be no reaction today… O2 itself does not operate the DOCSIS/cable network so your issue will need to be passed on to likely Vodafone or Telecolumbus and they need to fix things… which can take a while (several months is not unheard of).


That doesn’t sound good...😰
Thanks for looking into it, I’ll contact them and see what they say.

Thank you for your help!

Hello @bebopmot ,

have you been able to contact the technical department in the mean time? At the end of the year with christmas it’s always a bit of difficult to get a technician.


Kind regards, Sven

Hi @o2_Sven 
Thanks for following up! There’s a ticket opened (XXXXXXXXX) I have called again yesterday morning as I haven’t gotten contacted by a technician yet, I’m waiting for a contact still.
Hopefully they’ll contact me today. In the meantime, the speed has gotten a little better for download (around 500 MBits/s, but still should be around 800), but upload speed is still quite low (At around 12 MBits/s).
Thanks for your help.
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Hello @bebopmot

great that a ticket has already been created. That's the right way to ensure that our colleagues can process your request as quickly as possible. 

I'm also pleased that the download speed has improved a little.

Best regards

Hello @o2_Sven @o2_Cora 
I’m following up on this issue. I still haven’t had a contact from a technician to solve my issue yet, there has been no change, the download speed is lower than it should be (around 500 MBits/s, but still should be around 800), and upload speed is still quite low (At around 12 MBits/s should be around 50MBits/s).
Is there any chance of resolving this issue soon?
Thank you.

Hallo @bebopmot ,

accordning to what I see the day before yesterday another technician did some work with the connection. How are things looking like now with the bandwidth?


Kind regards, Sven

Hi @o2_Sven @o2_Cora 
The technician came by, everything worked fine for a while, but now I’m experiencing a drop again for the past few days, download speed is now around 400 MBits/s consistently throughout the day. Upload speed seems to be holding steady at around 50 MBits/s. It’s very frustrating to have to check every month or so if the speed I’m paying for is getting delivered.

Hey @bebopmot,

Is it possible for you to report a failure as described here? I think that would be the best way. Do you have someone who can help you with the translation? 

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