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I cannot connect to O2 internet...

Dear everyone


I had an appointment at 2nd Jan 2020 to change DSL-S to DSL-M.

However, I cannot connect to o2 Internet until now (6th Jan 2020).

I usually work in my house, so if I cannot use my internet, I will lost my job… 

This is too serious to me ;(


Currently, my o2 homebox give to me some lights.

Power = Permanent Green

WLAN = Permanent Green

DSL = Long blinking

Others = off


I tried to do the factory reset few times, but it was not changed.


I cannot use o2 hotline… because I cannot speak German… I tried it but I had to wait for 1 hour to meet an officer who speaks English…


What can I do to solve this problem…

I really need some helps.

I want to meet a o2 technician in my house to solve my technical problem as soon as possible.

How can I do it? 

Thank you for your help.


Lösung von o2_Tobias 9 January 2020, 08:59

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Hi @zeros8706,


thanks a lot for your message.


I regret that the tariff-change to “o2 my Home M Flex” did not go smoothly. There is a technical issue with the tariff-change.


We already forwarded your issue to our technical department.


I therefore ask you for further patience.


I understand that you like to use your DSL-connection as soon as possible. In this case, we need to wait until the technicians have solved your issue.


I regret that I cannot do anything else for you at the moment.


Loving greetings,






Thank you for your response.

I hope my situation will be better ASAP for my job...





I really hope that the technicians are solving my technical issue for the tariff-change. 

Should I pay for O2 in this blackout period?

I have paid 31.98 EUR per month for the DSL-S.

Hi @zeros8706,


thanks a lot for your patience.


In order that your internet will work as soon as possible, please be so kind to contact our DSL technical department (0800/525 1378).


They will check everything for you.


Thanks a lot.


Loving greetings,



You said to me in the before message… The technicians are checking my technical issue.

You also mentioned that I have to wait...

But, you are now talking to me that I should call the number…

Are you kidding me?

I waited for a week without an Internet connection… 

I really hate O2 company… This is the worst company in my life.

I will never recommend this company. Service really sucks.

Hi @zeros8706,


I understand your disappointment.


But in reality there are 2 technical issues.


One is the tariff-change and the other has to do with the DSL-connection itself. There is already an error-ticket existing for the tariff-change. But we still need to look at your DSL-connection.


I regret that it is not possible for us to solve the issue here in our English community. Only a call at our technical DSL-hotline will give you the needed solution.


I apologize for the inconveniences.


Loving greetings,


Hi @zeros8706,


I just checked your DSL-contract. As I see you had a tariff-change to “o2 my Home M Flex” on 16th January 2020.


Is everything fine now for you?


If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our English community.


Loving greetings,


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