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Help with Canceling my contract

Hi there,


I am moving to Italy and I need to cancel my contract. I have a home flex M DSL contract, and was told I need 4 weeks of notice.

I used the online system to cancel my contract, but it asked me to call the O2 central. I called, and unfortunetely I could not find anyone speaking english. The system told me I have 10 days to cancel my contract, and one week has passed.

My question is if anyone from O2 can help me on canceling my contract.




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In accordance with the terms and conditions, termination is agreed in writing.
As an additional offer, it is possible to alternatively mark the notice in "Mein o2" and confirm by a telephone call. If you are not able to speak German, it is advisable to use the termination in writing instead, i.e. write a letter or send a fax and don’t forget to sign it.

The notice period for "Flex" contracts is 4 weeks to the end of a month.


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Hi@Pablo Barros,


was the message of@blablup already helpful to you?


If you cannot find anyone who speaks English to confirm your cancellation by telephone, please write a cancellation letter to the following address:


Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG


90345 Nürnberg 


Thanks a lot. 


Loving greetings,




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Hey @Pablo Barros

let us know if there are any other questions. :blush:

Have a nice day and a nice weekend, 


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