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Number portability

I want to transfer my number to another provider, how do I go about doing this?


Lösung von o2_Manga 20 January 2020, 15:55

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Hi @iCelleb,


welcome to our community. If you have a prepaid card we have to set the opt-in. Your new provider can go and ask for the number. You need to fill in a form. Please make sure that you charged your card with 24,99 EUR because this is the fee for the porting. We will debit it if the porting succeeds.

If you have a postpaid contract you just have to tell us and we set the number free right before the contract finishes. You will get a premarture new number until the contract is completely terminated. A porting is charged with 29,99 EUR.

If your contract is already closed you can inform the new provider to get the number to your new contract. Please be aware of the period. It is available for 90 days after termination. The charge is 29,99 EUR as well.


Please tell us what we have to do.



Thank you @o2_Manga 


My card is sufficiently charged, and I would like to opt-in.

Thanks for your reply @iCelleb,


I set the number free. Your new provider can go and get it.


Have a nice weekend.



Good day @o2_Manga 


The provider I want to move to said I still need a written termination or waiver from my current provider.

Please assist.

Hi @iCelleb,


there is no written confirmation for porting a prepaid number. There is enough benefit and the permission is given. So pls try again to get your number.



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