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The worst service. 3.5Gb data paid for €30

Where(80802 Munchen) did I buy 3.5gb prepaid for 30 euros. I'd like to get a refund because I think it's a fraud after searching the Internet. I bought it from a male employee with a beard.


Lösung von o2_Andrea 27 May 2023, 09:57

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Hey @Traveler's ,

maybe you have topup money for the Next month?

please Call *100# to see the money on your card. 

Thank you for reply @dSkill 

i call to *100# and get answer


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so… it means nothing right?


how can i report them?

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Dear @Traveler's ,

welcome to our community. 🌼

To take a look at your prepaid SIM-card I need some more informations, because your card is not linked to your profile here in our communty. I will write a private message from o2_Support to you.

Kind regards,


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Dear @Traveler's ,

I haven't heard from you since my last reply. Please feel free to contact us again when you need further support.

Kind regards,


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