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DSL Young Legitimierung

Guten Abend O2-Team,


ich muss in nächster Zeit, mein Alter bestätigen, um weiter die Junge Leute Konditionen zu erhalten.


Eigentlich wollte ich das Shop dort ist es aber nicht möglich weil ich den Vertrag über Internet abgeschlossen.


1. Gibt es keine andere Möglichkeit


2. Wo im Kundencenter soll man seinen Ausweiß hochladen.


Danke im Voraus



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Hallo Metalmania,


du findest die Legitimation online unter dsl.o2.de/legitimation


Hast du es da schon versucht?




Hi I do have the same problem, such an address (dsl.o2.de/legitimation) does not exist! by giving the address thee website shows the error 403! what should I do?


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Hi ZA1980,


please try again to use the page, there might've been an error with the login or something.




I have tried it several times from different computers and web browsers. I actually checked it today in an o2 shop to convince them that such an address does not exist! we also checked that there is not an option in meino2 account for dsl to upload the studentID!

After that he talked for about an hour on the phone with somebody in o2 hotline (or something like that). they finally found no other solution.

I am very surprised to hear that they keep repeating that you should upload it on (dsl.o2.de/legitimation), but they have not even checked if such an address  does not really exist!!!

There is no email that you can contact them, and when you fax your student ID (I have faxed it more than 10 times during the last 2 months),  you receive a letter from them that ask you to upload it on (dsl.o2.de/legitimation)!!

It is really funny that they confirm receiving it but they want me to upload it (they even don't bother to make an effort and do their job). Is it a kind of joke that you ask people to do something which is impossible!?

In case o2 does not want to do the offer maybe they should delete it and ask for the full price! such a corruption!

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Hi Za1980,


sorry but i can't confirm this error, when i use the link i provided earlier, i'm getting to the login and then i'd be able to upload the documents, i only have a test account here but it would work.


It is only possible to send us those documents via the portal, there is no other way, i'm sorry.




Dear 02_Yvonne,


how could it be possible that It is just not working for me? are you sure that you are signing in with your DSL account and not the mobile account. there is a huge difference between them! your colleague in o2 shop Berlin-Hauptbahnhof tried it with me in the shop! It is working for you and not working for me!!? I don't know how would such a thing be possible! for sure I would prefer to just as you click on the link and upload my student ID instead of writing on the forum or going to the o2 shops. 


In case it stays like this I would like submit a complaint to O2 for 3 reasons:


1-wasting my time for about more than 2 months

2-receiving the ID and refusing to do anything meaningful about it (of course they wrote a letter to confirm receiving and giving me a nonfunctional internet address)

3-not offering any other option to me, since for me and at least in one O2 shop has been confirmed that what I say is really happening. (I have already tried calling the o2 hotline, writing here in the forum going personally to the O2 shop and faxing, and I think that would be enough)


for that reason I would like to ask you for the address of the responsible authority, I mean the real section responsible for complains.


thank you in advance ☺️


PS. the link you provided above is perfectly working when you are signed in with your mobile ID, but it is not working when you are signed in with your DSL account! for legitimation of my DSL young I need to be signed in with that account! just try it you will see it is not working! (I should say that I even uploaded my student ID in the mobile account but since the legitimation is not for the mobile cell number I didn't got any answer and even a confirmation!)

Are you sure that you have an "O2 DSL Young" tariff ?

Not any ohter tariff.

Is the connection fully activated?

Hi, yes I am sure. when I sign in to my account it is written "O2 DSL Young Vertrag", and it is fully activated.

Hi I do have the same problem, also the error 403. How did you solve it?

Guten Abend, O2-Team,


ich habe für die DSL Young Legitimierung ein Scan meines Ausweises am 9.01.2015 hochgeladen aber trotzdem wurde meine Rechnung um 5 Euro höher. Jetzt kann ich auch das Menu oder den Link zum Hochladung nicht mehr sehen.


Ich habe auch keine Bestätigung bekommen, dass meine Legitimierung erfolgreich ist.


Wie kann ich überprüfen ob das geklappt hat und ob ich nächsten Monat eine Verminderung der Rechnung um 5 Euro bekommen werde?


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Hi Gree,


bisher kann ich in deinen Daten nichts finden. 


Bezüglich der Legitimierung aus den FAQs ( hier


Melde Dich im Kundencenter an und lade dort im Nachgang an die Auftragsbestätigung Deinen Nachweis hoch (als pdf oder jpg): Zum Kundencenter 


Könntest du das Dokument vielleicht noch mal hochladen? 


VG, Matze

Hallo o2_Matze,


wenn ich deinem Link folge finde ich leider nirgends eine Möglichkeit, meine Legitimierung hochzuladen bzw. zu überprüfen. Könntest du mich da aufklären, wo ich das finden kann? (Im Anhang siehst du, was ich sehe, wenn ich deinem Link folge.)


LG Zorkuni

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Hast du schn mal "Persönliche Daten" bzw. "Mein dSL & Festnetz" aufgeklappt?

Hi stefannihaus,


ja, da hab ich auch schonmal nachgeschaut, aber leider nichts passendes gefunden :/

(Hab wieder die Seiten, die ich sehe in den Anhang gestellt.)


Hast du eine Idee wo ich noch schauen könnte?


LG Zorkuni

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Du hast dich bereits am 24.01.2015 erfolgreich legitimiert, daher ist der Punkt bei dir nicht mehr vorhanden.