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I will travelling to UK from March 25-31 , I have a Germany O2 prepaid sim of tariff 9.99 Euro per month .I need to only use internet in UK for those 7 days . Please let me know if there will be additional charge if I use internet in UK . I have 3.5 GB of data available in the current tariff pack . Also let me know if I can add any roaming pack to my existing tariff if there will be extra charge for using internet in UK ?


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Lösung von bs0 15 March 2024, 14:05

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Roaming in the UK costs the same as in EU countries and is therefore charged the same as in Germany, i.e. you can use your included data without extra cost.

If the 3.5 GB is not enough for your trip, you can book additional Internet packs in My o2 if necessary. They also apply in the UK.

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I can only confirm here that despite Brexit roaming in the UK is billed in accordance with the current EU conditions and roam like at home applies there too. This regulation is currently valid until the end of this year.

Thank you @bs0 and @Bumer 💙

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Thank you so much @bs0 , @Bumer , @o2_Giulia 

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I'm glad that your concerns have been resolved 🤗 If you have any further questions, please contact us again :)

Thanks also from me bs0 and Bumer for the support 😊

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