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I, Mathew, am writing this letter to seek your help in resolving a problem that I am currently experiencing while purchasing a contract from O2 shop Frankfurt on 7th Dec 2019. The contract was for Samsung S10 Plus Mobile Phone along with an O2 SIM Card. The monthly instalment was for 44.99 Euro. At the time of purchase, I have provided all the necessary details, including Address, Identify Proof etc.


My O2 number is -0176XXXXXX

Auftragsnummer     : SDSXXXXXXX

E-mail                    : XXXXXXXX

Vertagsnummer       11XXXXX

Kunden-nimmer .     20XXXX

Festnetznummer:     069XXXXXXXX


Now, I have been notified that my Mobile Phone contract has been cancelled by O2 but the SIM contract still stands active. When enquired, they have been informed me that at the time of delivery of Mobile Phone, they were not able to find my address and hence cancelled my phone contract. If this was the condition, then why is the SIM contract still active which was also taken along with the purchase of the Mobile Phone.


Moreover, if the above arguments were correct, then how am I able to receive monthly subscriptions/letters from Tax Agency, German Radio, Banking Transitions etc. to this address. I have also received all the contract letter from O2 to this address at the time of purchase. Hence, I suspect that there might be some communication mismatch from O2 which has led to this issue and kindly request you to reconsider my Mobile Phone contract.


As, I feel very disconcerted and disappointed by this incident and humbly request you either activate my contract. If this is not possible, kindly help me in cancelling this SIM Contract at the earliest as without Mobile Phone the contract it is too expensive for me to afford.


Edit: Persönliche Daten entfernt - o2_Kurt

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Hi @lboneym,


thanks for your message.


Good that you found the way to our English community.


I have just sent a private message to you at @o2_Support.


You will find there our decision on your issue.


I hope you are happy with the solution that we offer to you.


Loving greetings,


hai O2 team

Thanku so much for your concern and also I'm happy with your decision.

Hi @lboneym,


great that you are happy with the solution I offered.


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us here in our English community.


Loving greetings,


Hai Dear O2 Team,

Again some of the amounts are deducted from my account. but you told me that everything was deactivated.

then why O2 is deducted the amount from my account?

I have attached some details from the bill

Rechnungsnummer 142XXXXXX

 Kundennummer 605XXXXX734

Rechnungsdatum 13.01.2020

Leistungszeitraum 08.12.2019 - 07.01.2020

Fällig am 20.01.2020

I feel very disconcerted and disappointed by this incident so Could you please do the necessary arrangement to prevent this activity from O2.


EDIT: Data cancelled out of data-security-reasons / o2_Tobias

Hi @lboneym,


thanks for your message.


I would like to inform you that you are here in our public English community. Therefore, please do not write any personal data here. We had to cancel your invoice-number and your customer-number.


I have just sent a private message via @o2_Support to you.


I hope everything is fine now.


Loving greetings,


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