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Taking my number to another provider

Dear O2 Team,

I have requested via chat both of my prepaid lines to be taken to another provider and was confirmed it was done, then I have requested the other provider to take my number but the request was rejected by you due to a data mismatch. I have contacted you again via chat and the representative cofirmed the data is correct and asked me to resubmit the request, as it might have failed due to a technical problem. This request has also failed due to data mismatch although it matches my data I see online.

Can someone take a look and send me the exact data you hold? myabe my previous family name is also registered.

I’d appreciate your prompt help.



Lösung von o2_Jan 31 January 2020, 10:10

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@a_angel can you check your data online over „mein o2“? In the app you see your data too.

thanks @Joe Doe . I already checked that and they still rejected my request

Hi @a_angel,


and thanks to @Joe Doe. Did your request suceed right now?


Hi @o2_Manga,

My number had another problem porting to Vodafone concerning the Postdienst but my wife’s identification succeeded yet the porting failed because O2 rejected the request.



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@a_angel did you have minimum 24,95 Euro Credit on the o2 card for porting?

Yes, the balance was over 25 Euros and I have requested via chat to “release” the number

Hi @a_angel,

the phone number with which you’re registered here in the forum is eligible for porting to a different provider.
As of now, the porting fee has been deducted from your account, this only happens if porting is going to be successful, so I’ll assume that the transfer of your number to your new provider will take place within the next days. :ballot_box_with_check:

Best regards,

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